Thursday, September 10, 2009

Theme Thursday - Rhythm

Thank you to C.M. Jackson for suggesting this week's theme. For more takes on the subject, click here.

Surely the first thing an infant is aware of is the beating of her mother's heart. Any mother will hold her baby close to her body in order to comfort her. Watch a toddler move to the rhythm of music. Perhaps her enjoyment of music is related to that early source of comfort, her mother's

Throughout our lives, we continue to seek pleasure and comfort in rhythm. When we are nervous, we tap our fingers on any convenient surface. When we see a musical or dramatic performance that pleases and excites us, we clap our hands rhythmically, often in concert with many other people. We dance, keeping time to the music with our entire body.

I've found a few music videos on the theme of rhythm. I hope you enjoy listening to them - even dancing to them. To begin with, listen to the rhythm of the falling rain...

How many of us will post Gershwin's I've Got Rhythm? I hesitated to do so, on the grounds that everybody would surely use it, but then it occurred to me that we might all think that way, and then we wouldn't get to hear the very best song about rhythm ever. So here goes.

Maybe I spoke too soon, though. I forgot about Fascinating Rhythm, which may actually be the best.

There are just too many possibilities. Rhythm is everywhere - in music, and in the sounds of everyday life.

My last offering is one of my favourite songs. It combines those two elements, the rhythm of everyday life and music. It is Paul Simon's song, Everybody Loves the Sound of a Train in the Distance.


Wings said...

Great choices!!! And I didn't even once think of the rhythm of a mother's heartbeat! Doh!


Anonymous said...

Sandra, heh, heh, I used a different Cascades vid( well ,song really )...and some very fine selections here, especially the Astaire/Gershwin piece :)

Baino said...

Sandra I had drinks tonight with an old - well young - past work colleague who has just found out that she's pregnant and showed us her ultrasound pics . .brought back all those memories of swooshing foetal heartbeats and that wonderful feeling of life beating happily inside. Thanks. Mine are now 22 and 24 but they'll always have that swooshy rhythm when they're hugged.

Reya Mellicker said...

What a great post! Rhythm is oscillation is life, oh yeah. The heartbeat was kind of creepy to my ear, but I loved the music. It's raining here in DC today so the Cascades were perfect!

Mairi said...

Just last night my husband commented on how much he loves the sound of the train crossing the river a few miles away, and the sound of the churchbells. we moved last year and both of these things are new treats. So much of the pleasure of poetry is in its rythm and so much of its meaning is carried there.

John Hayes said...

Beautiful selections--I'm especially fond of "Fascinatin' Rhythm"--have you ever heard the Cliff Edwards (Ukulele Ike) version?

Sandra Leigh said...

I wonder what happened to the responses I posted yesterday? Hmmm.Oh, well. Wings, thank you. Isn't it odd? The first thing I thought of was the rhythm method (of birth control), but I rejected that - and the next thing that came to mind was a foetus, which I suppose is a logical progression.

I like the Gershwin myself, Subby, and I've always loved watching Fred Astaire. I should have hunted down a video.

Baino, I'm with you. I still love hugging my children, one of whom is officially middle-aged. (OMG)

Reya, I'm sorry that I creeped you out, and I hope the music made up for it. We have sunshine here, so no rhythm of the rain - but that's okay.

Mairi, I loved the sound of the train until I moved to Nanaimo. We have many, many intersections, and the train whistle blows at every one of them. I want my sweet, distant train whistles back.

John, no - I don't think I've heard the Cliff Edwards version. I'll see whether I can find it.

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