Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Something Completely Different -

Some days, I can't do anything right. The world is a heavy place; it seems to lie on my shoulders like a yoke, bending my spine so all I can see is the ground beneath my feet.

Then there are days like today, when the only things on my shoulders are the bluebirds that perch lightly there, singing praises to the day. I had, in short, a wonderful day.

I had to go back to Parksville, this time to have my facial fur removed. I went to see Janice, the same lady who did my pedicure last month. She pampered me, as always. I am now a thing of beauty.

There was another lady working at the same time. That was Molly, who started work at the salon only recently. She was performing some miracle on the woman in the next room. Janice said that when we were finished, I should wait a moment, and Molly would come in and work on me, too. Sure. I had no idea what to expect, but Janice has never steered me wrong, so I lay back on the cushy table. Soon, Molly came into the room and proceeded to massage my face, ears, neck, shoulders, and even such of my back as she could reach, given that I was lying on my back. Then she went to work on the top of my head. All I could do was produce the odd moan of pleasure.

All too soon, Molly finished my mini-massage and I had to get off the table. That was the low point of my day.

When I told Janice how much I had enjoyed the massage, she suggested that I book a facial with Molly. Apparently the massage is a standard part of Molly's facials. Now I have to find a way to fit yet another indulgence into my schedule - and pay for it. Maybe I can schedule my haircuts a little farther apart to allow for the expense. Janice says I'm turning into a princess. ;>)

Then - (yes, there's more!) - I went on up the road to Qualicum, where I spent an hour in My Girlfriend's Closet. When I got back to town, I had tea with Jane.

Later in the day, I had a doctor's appointment, and even sitting around in the doctor's office couldn't dampen my spirits. I had my book to read - and there was nothing else I had to do. I could just sit there and read.

We should be able to bottle days like this and just sprinkle a bit of them on those other days, don't you think?

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willow said...

I love the notion of bottling up the good days and sprinkling them around like cinnamon in the rest!

John Hayes said...

I'm with Willow! Glad you had a nice day.

Kathryn Magendie said...

So much to catch up on!

Your day sounds lovely -- cracks me up how you talk about your "facial fur"

(and your comment on punctuation, yes those quotes can go together like that, even when they look weird - the quotes within a quote..... :) )

Sandra Leigh said...

Thanks, John and Willow - Kathryn, yes, it was wonderful. Thanks for the punctuation clarification.

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