Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Parenthetical Remark

***My Theme Wednesday Thursday post is the one under this one. Blogger paid no attention to my request for delayed posting.

I just had a thought - (!) I looked at the comments to my mini-post from yesterday. Barry came in to say hello. Kathryn came in and commiserated with me about being behind on my reading. Then she noticed Barry's comment and said "I see him over there in the comments - going to go see his place right now and catch up!"

It occurred to me that we bloggers live in a sort of cyber-town - or cyber-village. Our neighbourhood consists of a higgledy-piggledy collection of houses

- old ones, mostly, with a scattering of new places - but all with lots of character. We spend a lot of time hanging out in our back gardens - mowing the lawns, weeding, hanging laundry on the line,

talking to the squirrels - and waiting to see who else turns up. When a neighbour appears on the other side of the fence, we wave. "How you doin'?" "Just fine, thanks. How are you?" - and our place in the social fabric is confirmed. If one of us is having a rough time, the others keep an eye on him or her. We care about each other.

It's a lovely neighbourhood, isn't it?


Sara Williams said...

Awwww what a lovely post and you have hit the nail on the head! The blogging community has kept me going this year and for that I am so thankful x

John Hayes said...

A lovely neighborhood indeed--& very glad to have you as a virtual neighbor!

Sandra Leigh said...

Good morning, Sara. Good morning, John. Thank you both. I love this place. I have met some wonderful people here.

Skip Simpson said...

It is indeed, a lovely neighborhood, and, is people like yourself, that make it lovelier!

Wings said...

Great analogy! It is a sort of blog village, isn't it? Like taking strolls and visiting my 'neighbors'.


Sandy said...

I just started blogging in June of this year and the people I have met are amazing. It is like a neighborhood and we all get so interconnected. I consider each and every one of you neighbors as well as friends. Great post!

T. Clear said...

I absolutely love this blog community we've all created....and I'm glad you're a part of it!

Sandra Leigh said...

Skip, you're making me blush. Wings, Sandy, T., I can hardly remember what it was like not to have this network of friends at a distance - starting with people I met on discussion boards, who have since become friends (some in 3D!), and then growing to include the bloggy community.

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