Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Only in Canada, you say?

I must share this clip from the Rick Mercer Report - first of all, because it showcases Hazel McCallion, a municipal leader who should be giving Mayoring Lessons (and lessons in financial management - oh, and lessons in how to grow old with panache) to all the rest of us,

but also because it's a chance to show off Rick Mercer, who is just too cute not to be shared.

What a tremendous thing, to take pleasure in your life, to feel a sense of accomplishment at the end of a day's work, to look forward to more work, more accomplishments - and to keep doing that until you're pushing 90 (at last count).

So - what is Mayor McCallion's secret? Why is it that most of us count the years, the months, the weeks, the days until we can stop working, put our feet up, and coast through old age into death? Why aren't more of us like Mayor McCallion? Any ideas?


John Hayes said...

Now that's an inspirational story! Why don't more people grow older in this way-- a good question....

Sandra Leigh said...

I'm sure good genes have something to do with it, but the attitude! I have a new hero.

Poetikat said...

Sandra, Two things: I'm from Mississauga and Hazel is a legend. She's known as "Hurricane Hazel" to locals.
Second thing: I love Rick Mercer!!! I honestly think he is the funniest guy on television. Last night we watched RMR (one we had missed) and he was at the Paralympics in Beijing. He got into one of those laser swimsuits that Michael Phelps wore...it was a riot!

Three things...no four:

I thought your poem was "wicked"! The "horking drum" line made me gag, but it was so vivid and I didn't even know you wrote!

Okay, last item: I'm not shutting down the blog, just trying to do more away from it. You'll still see regular posts, so don't wander far, okay?


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