Tuesday, April 14, 2009

More goodies in the mail

Last night, it looked as if we were in for a Big Storm - but today, the sun is shining. The forsythia is blooming outside my front window. Flowering plums are flowering all over town. Yesterday I saw clematis blooming on one house, Rose of Sharon in front of another. Even the cherries are starting to flower, but just the ornamental ones. My next-door-neighbour's (real) cherry tree still looks a little hesitant. The dogwoods are slightly puffy at the ends of the branches. All this, and still there are daffodils and hyacinths everywhere. I remember now. There was a reason why I moved to B.C. Even in the good old days - back when we didn't have these long, cold winters, spring was startlingly beautiful. Now that we're turning into Ontario West, we appreciate the spring even more.

I went to the dentist this morning, for my regular checkup, and I told him the story of Gilda (pronounced Hilda) the Singing Dentist in Puerto Vallarta. (See my January 29 post.) I suggested that if he ever wanted to spice up his practice, he could start singing to his patients - that might be just the ticket. He grimaced and said that it would probably drive away all his clients, so - no, thanks. Too bad. I was picturing an International Society of Singing Dentists.

On the way home, I went around Jinglepot Road and down East Wellington Road, which is the scenic route, so that I could stop for honey at Jinglepot Apiaries, then at the farm where I buy eggs. I knew I had been out of town too long when I drove right by the apiary without recognizing it. It wasn't until I was whizzing by the road where the 'egg farm' is that I realized my mistake. I turned around and went back up East Welllington Road. I found the apiary - and found out why I had missed it the first time. The owners had torn down their old house while I was gone. They are now living in the brand-new house they've built next door. I found the experience very unsettling. Just think of it. I go away for three or four months, and my town changes. The world just keeps on turning. Hmmmph.

Not only that, but the farm had sold out of eggs, but come to think of it, that gives me an excuse to drive out to the country again, maybe tomorrow.

There was a pleasant surprise when I got home. I was just unpacking my purse when there was a knock at the door. A young man handed me a box, a gift from a friend in Victoria. It turned out to be an Alice in Wonderland mug - a Cheshire Cat mug, really. There's a picture of Alice, the words "Well, I've often seen a cat without a grin, but a grin without a cat! It's the most curious thing!" and a picture of the Cheshire Cat. When you put hot tea into the mug, the cat disappears, little by little, until only his grin is left. As you drink (or as your tea goes cold, I suppose), the cat reappears. I don't know what possessed my friend, or what I've done to deserve this mug, but I love it. I had the kettle on before I'd finished unwrapping the mug.

I could get used to this - having the postie bring me nice things, things that not only aren't bills, but are fun in their own right. Last week it was the envelope of special things from Kathryn; now there's the mug; and within the next couple of weeks, I hope I'll be receiving both Kathryn's book and Kim's.

That gives me an idea. I've got some collecting to do.

Oh! Um, I mean P.S. - I can't believe I nearly forgot to mention this. Any House fans reading this? I found out why Kuttner killed himself! It turns out that Kal Penn, the actor who played Kuttner, is going to work for the White House. I feel so much better.


John Hayes said...

What a cool mug! Yes, that'd get the tea kettle going at our house for sure.

I'll have to think about whether singing dentists are a good thing or a bad thing. I do have to admit I like nitrous oxide-- how would that affect listening to the singing?

Sandra Leigh said...

LOL! I'm sure the nitrous oxide would make the experience even more surreal. Picture it - the dentist singing, the patient laughing, the people in the waiting room getting visibly nervous. I tell you, it's got real possibilities.

Debbie said...

I don't watch House but I did hear that about the actor. Fascinating.
I am waiting Kim's and Kat's books too. Maybe tomorrow!

Sandra Leigh said...

Tomorrow? Oh, that would be great. I'm reading a book by Bill Bryson right now, but I'd throw him over in a minute for either Kathryn's book or Kim's. Call me fickle.

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