Thursday, April 09, 2009

Breaking Buckeye news

Guess what? I had to go see the doctor this morning. On my way home, I wondered whether the postie might have brought my copy of Tender Graces. No. Oh, well. But what is this? A Kraft envelope - from North Carolina! It's a bag of goodies from Kat Magendie!

I opened the Kraft envelope and the smaller envelope inside. There was a lovely card with an inspirational saying for writers ("The hardest part of writing is knowing when you're through") and a collection of tiny gifts from Kat's mountain, including pictures. Very cool.

One of the tiny gifts is doubly wonderful, because it comes from the Trail of Tears. It reminds me of (another) one of my favourite authors, Barbara Kingsolver, who wrote about the Trail of Tears in
The Bean Trees.

Thank you, Kat. It amazes me that you found time to put my gift together and send it off, in the midst of the complicated life you've been leading of late.

And to quote that same Kat, *Muwah*


Angie Ledbetter said...

Isn't it fun to get something good in the mail? And how cool is Mz. Kat?!

Sandra Leigh said...

She iz very cool, indeed.

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