Friday, April 17, 2009

Good news in the mailbox

There's a notice in my e-mail box. It tells me that The Unbreakable Child is on its way - still in Mississauga, Ontario, but moving. The expected date of delivery is April 21. Hooray!
Okay. The local library tells me that Joshilyn Jackson's Gods in Alabama is ready for me to pick up. That means I should get to the library today and read Gods before Kim's book arrives.

Meanwhile, I've been making discoveries. I've heard about Theme Thursday, and I finally decided to google it. There was a Theme Thursday that required me to make some sort of paper artwork every Thursday and post it. You really didn't want me to join that group. Trust me.

Then I found the Theme Thursday blog that I was looking for. This week's theme was EARTH. I'm too late to take part this week, but I'll remember it next Thursday.

Somehow, I went from there to Read Write Poem, a hangout for poets and lovers of poetry. The members are trying to write a poem a day during National Poetry Month. It sounds good to me. They provide a daily prompt. That could be fun. Write a poem about beauty, water, pickles.....

Pickle Belt

The fruit rolled by all day.
They prayed the cogs would creep;
They thought about Saturday pay,
And Sunday sleep.

Whatever he smelled was good:
The fruit and flesh smells mixed.
There beside him she stood,--
And he, perplexed;

He, in his shrunken britches,
Eyes rimmed with pickle dust,
Prickling with all the itches
Of sixteen-year-old lust.

Theodore Roethke

courtesy of

And though it seems as if I spent my whole evening playing in cyberspace, I want it known that I did work on a short story. I can tell, already, that writing 1,500+ words a day for NaNoWriMo is going to be a major challenge. I spend a lot of time staring at the screen, and a lot more time changing what I've already written. I think I need to visit Write or Die again.


John Hayes said...

That's a wonderful Roethke poem, & not one I recall ever seeing. Just keep plugging on the writing & I bet you'll be in shape by November.

Sandra Leigh said...

Daily writing calisthenics, that's the trick. I must! I must! I must build up my writing muscles!

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