Monday, April 27, 2009

I've Come Undone.

It started very early this morning. First I checked my e-mail. There was a piece of spam in there. At least, I assume it was spam. It was from someone whose name I didn't recognize. He indicated in the title that he was a man seeking male companionship. I couldn't help him there, so I dumped the letter without opening it. Then I started quickly reading blogs, because I had to be out the door by 6:30 a.m. I don't know which blog I was reading - Suburb Sanity, I think - but when I was finished, I went on to the next blog on the list, and it didn't even look familiar. A vague unease came over me. How did I get a strange blog on my list? Did I add it the other day? I know I added a couple, but I don't remember adding this one. It looks interesting, but I can't even tell who wrote it. Maybe it's that man who's seeking male companionship. Oh, dear. Spam in my blog. Whatever shall I do?

It took a good five minutes for me to realize that I wasn't proceeding through my own bloglist, but through Debbie's (?) instead. My bloglist hadn't changed at all.

That was my first clue. I was crazy as a bag of hammers. I didn't feel ill, and I wasn't grumpy. On the contrary, I was immensely cheerful. I felt like a Stepford Wife with a glitch in her housekeeping chip.

The spamfest wasn't the only clue.There were several more. Even the CBC seemed to be in on the joke. They played this song, which perfectly matched my mood. I was having trouble sitting still (of course, the music didn't help).

Early on, I decided that this would not be a good day for handling sharp objects or engaging in risky behaviours. I've made it through, almost to supper time, without doing myself (or anybody else) an injury, and the euphoria has worn off, so I'm feeling a little smug.

Nonetheless, I think I'll let my husband cook dinner.

(Oh, by the way, in case you are wondering, this was not a miracle of modern pharmaceuticals - just a strange day. Maybe it's the pollen. I did suggest that to someone - that some new pollen was in the air, and it went straight from the nostril to the brain stem. Zap.)


John Hayes said...

It actually does sound like allergies, which can produce the most unpleasant altered states (at least in both Eberle & me). Definitely a good idea to let someone else cook dinner!

Jeanne said...

That kind of confusion/spaciness is my normal day....

René Wing said...

I'm glad you're feeling better. :) You really make me laugh~ a bag of hammers?

Sandra Leigh said...

Hi,John. I've taken an allergy pill now, so if I go back to my normal, humourless, efficient self, ;>) I'll know it was the allergies making me crazy. If not.... (btw, today's mental state wasn't at all unpleasant, just weird.)

Jeanne, let's do lunch, okay? There are some waiters around here who could use a good laugh.

René, I live to serve. (Isn't that Prince Charles's motto, too?)

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