Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Living your dreams...

I visited Margaret and Helen's blog yesterday. The newest post was written by Helen's grandson, who wanted to say that his grandmother has been a bit under the weather, but that she hopes to be back soon. I hope so, too. I love her posts. She says all the things I would say if I weren't such a wuss.

Somebody had sent Helen a YouTube video to cheer her up. I watched it, and I just had to bring it back to share with you. It's right here. It's also over at Margaret and Helen's blog. If you haven't visited there, you're missing something wonderful. Helen is my idol.

I also visited Robert Frost's Banjo, which was another treat - two treats, as there were two posts in one day. John posted the April installment in Eberle’s Weiser River Pillow Book series, as well as links to the previous installments. Whenever I read this series, I feel as if I've fallen into it, like a child falling into a pile of autumn leaves. I am enthralled.

John also posted a photo taken after he performed at a seniors' centre. Peeking out from behind his guitar was Buffy the Buffalo, who accompanies John to all his performances. Poetikat commented on Buffy, and said that she, too, has a - what? a totem? - a long-horned highland "coo" named Hennessy. The exchange reminded me of Steinbeck, my one-time Literary Mentor and Transitional Object. Steinbeck was a black and white, cuddly toy rabbit. Unfortunately, there came a time when I wasn't writing anything, and obviously wasn't ever going to write anything again, and in a fit of depression I decided that Steinbeck should go to cheer up some child somewhere, so I gave him away. Very silly of me. I want him back.

I have one very fond memory of Steinbeck. A friend of mine brought her five-year-old son over to visit, and she introduced him to Steinbeck. Being five, her son didn't quite catch the name, but he thought he did. From then on, when he wanted to come over to my place, he would ask "Can we go visit Spandex?"


John Hayes said...

Thanks for the kind comments-- I'm forwarding this to Eberle, because I know she'll appreciate what you said about Weiser River Pillow Book.

Sad about Steinbeck-- Eberle & I are big on stuffed animals, I'll have to admit. There's also Lion O'Lion who is kind of unofficial RFBanjo ass't editor. Perhaps you should find a new friend-- if not a new Steinbeck, then someone else-- I know you like Adrienne Rich a lot, tho somehow I can't see her in a stuffed animal incarnation.

Thanks again.

Sandra Leigh said...

You're right. I shall find a new friend. I think this one may be a bear, but I'm not sure.

Debbie said...

I am howling over Spandex. That is too funny.

Sandra Leigh said...

Yup. Spandex. Poor kid. I'm sure he never knew why we kept giggling helplessly whenever he said it.

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