Sunday, January 21, 2007

Yesterday was one of those days when nothing really happens, but it leaves a smile on your face nonetheless. There was a thunderstorm during the night, so when we got up, all our outdoor furniture was sodden. We put it in the sunshine to dry. I took a walk back toward Guaymas, as far as the bike path/sidewalk went. I didn’t feel adventurous enough to go any farther. R went for a bike ride. Later, the two of us biked up to Tony’s truck so I could buy garlic and ginger for our fish dinner. Of course, I ended up buying more than that – extra chiles, because you can never have too many, a bag of wonderfully soft and juicy dates, a couple of tamales con elote. (corn tamales – my favourite. R’s attempt at Mexican Food Appreciation hasn’t yet embraced the tamale.) We were going to go for a walk on the beach when the tide went out, but somehow that didn’t happen. R spent some time with the neighbours. I roasted the chiles I had bought. We both enjoyed watching the 4 month old Golden Retriever that another neighbour was trying to train. I talked to my younger sister on Skype, told her how amazing it is that when I’m on holiday, my day is so full, I have trouble fitting everything in – but I’m not doing anything, right? Somewhere along the line, my internet connection went south. I guess I should no longer say “my” internet connection, because R has well and truly discovered the internet. We get to experience withdrawal symptoms together.

This morning, while R is doing his morning cycle patrol, and while I wait for a chance to post this, I’m getting some things done around the rig. Among other things, I opened the awning - with great difficulty. After the other night’s storm, I figured it would need airing out. Everything on it – every lever, every knob – seemed to have seized. We really must make a point of opening the awning frequently, even when we haven’t settled in somewhere. Otherwise it gets very sulky. R has returned now and suggested we give the awning’s controls a good dousing with WD-40. There. See? Another chore. So little time, so many things to do. I do love this.

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