Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I'm doing a little better today with respect to allowing time for my journal. I came up here to the internet spot about half an hour ago, got involved in e-mailing, finally decided I had better write something before I get too hungry to think.

Someone came around this morning, selling lobster. I stood frowning in the doorway, muttering "I've never cooked a lobster. I don't know how to cook a lobster. You want a lobster? You´re on your own." while R bought some lobster. Fortunately this lobster (these three lobsters, but they're awfully small) have been killed and cleaned, so they probably won't be too hard to deal with. I just didn´t want to murder the poor things myself.

After my morning coffee, I went down to the water for a dip, but the ocean wasn't nearly as warm as I expected, so I chickened out. Then, maybe an hour and a half ago, I got brave again and went down there, wearing water shoes and carrying my bright blue noodle. R came along. I got in up to my knees and just about gave up, because it still felt cold, and there is really quite a strong current flowing from north to south. I didn't want to end up downtown in a swimsuit. I persevered, though, and once I was in (I got swamped), it wasn't bad, and after a few minutes it was actually quite comfortable. R put on his fins and came in too. While he swam around, I got my cardio workout by walking waist deep toward the north, against the undertow, past the hotel next door. Then I would swim back to where I started, which was much easier. Now I feel terribly virtuous.

Just before we got out, R swam out to where the breakers start, and he walked on water, or appeared to. As you walk out from shore the water gets up to about shoulder height on me, after which there´s a trench that I couldn´t get past without fins, and then you´re standing on a sand bar and the water doesn´t even come up to your knees. Very impressive to watch.

I spent the rest of the morning working on my mother´s biography. Now it´s time for lunch and a quiet read. R was talking about a cycle ride later this afternoon, so if that happens I´ll likely tag along.

As you can see, there´s not a lot of excitement here today, but the relaxation gauge is at FULL.

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