Thursday, January 25, 2007

I will try to come back here after our walk on the beach, but I want to mention this now, in case I forget later. I sat down at the laptop, heard a noise, and looked over to see a hummingbird flying right in the door. Oh, no! I didn't dare move, lest I scare him - but he soon sussed out the situation and turned back. How cool is that?

I've been shopping for lots of groceries to see us through, in case we really like the place where we're heading tomorrow, and in case there are no markets within cycling distance of it. I've repackaged bacon and chicken breasts and frozen them, have to defrost the sausages a bit before I can repackage them. I've filled the fruit/vegetable bowl so full, I'm sure it will topple right over when we start to move, so I guess all the tomatoes, pears, bananas, cucumbers, limes will have to go into the sink in the morning. The poblano and Anaheim chiles will be roasted and put into the fridge. I amazed all the other shoppers by managing to put almost all the stuff I bought into my panniers, including a couple of liters of orange juice and a big container of yoghurt. One bag ended up on top of the carrier, bungeed into place, and I carried R's loaf of Bimbo bread up at the handlebars. I was pretty impressed, myself.

You know how you find something on the web that you really like, and you bookmark it, and then you forget what it was called, or you can't find it in that endless string of bookmarks at the top of the page? Kazim has been raving about a site - where you can put and organize all your bookmarks. I tried it out, and I think I really like it. You may want to take a look over there. My own page is at I'm trying to gather all my favourite links there, and in the process I'm finding things I had forgotten I had. I guess that's the point.

....So here I am, long after coming back from the beach. There was really only one point of interest about the walk (for anybody who wasn't actually there, enjoying the sunshine). On the way back, a dog followed me home. She was a new mother, from the looks of things, and rather a cutie, but her tail was between her legs. She wasn't being aggressive, just persistent - and there was that tail. :>( I came inside the rig and closed the door, feeling guilty. I think I'm producing some sort of pheromones.

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