Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Every day a new adventure. Today R and I finally caught up with J & D, a couple we met here last year - lovely people - and we went to their house for tea. J played his clarinet for us. (He is very good. This was the first time we had heard him play.) It turned out that they know the man who owns the dog that bit me, and they say he probably has had his dogs vaccinated. They got me the number for the clinic in Kino Viejo, and I asked the park office manager to call for me, to determine whether or not I should go in. The answer was yes, so I hitched a ride into Kino Viejo and went to see the very handsome young Doctor Duran, who examined my injury, told me it looked good, gave me a prescription for an antibiotic. He wanted to give me a tetanus shot, but I told him I had had one within the last three years or so. Throughout the interview, the doctor apologized for his English, said he had learned it from television and it wasn't very good - but actually it was good.

When we drove by the place where I was attacked, I pointed the house out. Both dogs were still loose, but the one that didn't bite me was now wearing a collar.

What struck me as I was riding through Kino Viejo is that there is a great comfort in having a place where, as you travel, you can stop and feel at home. Kino is like that for me. I know where to go to buy tortillas, where the fish market is - and which vendor is the most dependable. As of this trip, I know where to get my bike fixed - not that it stays fixed, but that's another story. I know where the clinic is, and I know that if nobody is at the front of the clinic, you go around to the back door and knock really hard. Most of all, I know that there are people here who will smile when they see us, welcome us back, be our friends.

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