Monday, January 22, 2007

The sun is shining, but it's only 15 degrees outside. I'm sure it was warmer an hour ago, when we were cycling back from the marina. We went out to get some exercise, check out the pelicans, buy some groceries. I found the little stall where two women make tortillas by hand and sell them for 25 pesos a kilo. That's a lot more expensive than the tortillas I bought in Kino, but they're very good. I came home and ate two of them for my lunch, with refried beans and the last of my pico de gallo. Tony's truck wasn't in its place today, so I didn't get to buy tomatoes - the ones at the supermarket were icky, at least by comparison to those that Tony carries - so I'm salsaless in San Carlos until tomorrow.

The day started out in disconcerting fashion. I slept in, didn't get up until 8:30, and it took me about three hours to get myself going. I think I really do need a little dawnshine to start my day right. I was absolutely snarly until we went for our cycle ride. While I sulked indoors, the gas man showed up and filled our tank, the water man turned up immediately thereafter to deliver our 5 gals. of drinking water, I could hear R outside talking to the delivery men and the neighbours, and I just wasn't up to dealing with any of it. I'm much happier now that I've had some exercise and fresh air. Tomorrow I will go back to my regular schedule.

I think I overheard the man with the retriever puppy say to R that he would let him take the dog for a walk before they leave. R said he appreciated the offer, but didn't think it would be a good idea. If there were some sort of accident, he would feel terrible, but also he didn't think the puppy should be encouraged to go with just anybody. Good points. That must have been hard for him.

Did I mention that R's word processor did a somersault last week and landed on its head (like me in Texas!) but wasn't wearing a helmet? Poor old dinosaur. Although R has become a websurfer on this trip, it seems he isn't going to be doing much writing now that the dinosaur is dead, or so he says. We just had a little lesson in typing on the laptop. I showed him how to open a Word document and how to save it; then he composed and sent an e-mail. He didn't enjoy any of the experience, as far as I could tell. Part of the problem, I'm sure, was that I've forgotten how awkward it all is when you're just starting; I take it for granted, so I'm crappy at teaching it. I should keep in mind how I feel when somebody tries to expand my computer horizons. Aaaaaaaaack! I told R he should type something in his test document and send one e-mail every day for the next couple of weeks, so that he remembers what to do. He said when we get back into the U.S. he will look for a new word processor. Yes, I said, but in the meantime...

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