Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Typing quickly here - I seem to have a little trouble fitting my life into my provider's 9am-3pm framework. R and I sat out on the beach last night to watch the sun go down. Very impressive. The beach is so long that we had two different shows going on at once. To our left is the city of Mazatlan. The rays of the setting sun caught the windows of the taller buildings, so the city was glowing. As we scanned toward the right, the sky was lit with shades of blue and green. It had been cloudy all day, and now the western sky was still full of clouds. Cirrus, maybe? Not sure. Wide, flat clouds with sunlight filtering through in between them. Then there was the sun itself, at about 1 o'clock, all reds and corals and pinks and yellows, and to its right were more of those clouds. R said they looked like a river of fire, a lava flow. They did.

This morning I woke up shortly after sunrise and went down to the beach again. I was too late to watch the sunrise itself, but it was still mighty pretty out there. I took a half hour walk, then went home and made coffee.

After breakfast, we caught a bus downtown to the Gigante market, which is in a mall with the Office Depot. I bought some business cards, and then we stocked up on groceries. By the time we finished shopping, my back had almost recovered from the bus ride. That thing had neither springs nor shocks, I'm sure. What a miserable ride! When we came out of the Gigante, we saw one of the little golf carts that taxi people around, so we asked the driver how much it would cost us to get home. 80 pesos. Deal. His name turned out to be Hector, and he's a complete sweetheart. We got his card, so that if we decide to go downtown again we can call him.

We put the groceries away, and I was reaching for my swimsuit before the cupboard doors closed. Unfortunately the tide is low now, so the water wasn't as warm as it was this morning, but we went swimming anyway. R stepped on a small ray and went Ooooo! but either it wasn't a sting ray or he was just lucky. It just squirmed. I kept my feet off the ground, swam for a few minutes, came in because I realized my internet time was running low. So. Gotta go now!

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