Sunday, August 02, 2009

Turtle at Home

When we got to Hope, B.C. yesterday, we called the kids to say we would be arriving in Burnaby in a couple of hours. Erk. They were in Seattle. There had been a mixup regarding dates.

That being the case, we headed straight for the ferry and got there 20 minutes before the 8:15 sailing. The boat ran a bit late, and by the time we got to the island, disembarked, and drove home, it was 11 p.m.

And what was the first thing I saw when I checked my stack of mail? A postcard from Ireland. Thank you to Premium T. That was a lovely welcome home.

I photographed T's postcard inside an acrylic frame on the vertical, which resulted in this odd, slipped assemblage. I hope you don't mind, T. When I'm feeling less hot and tired, I'll re-do it, without the frame. On the other hand, I'm rather taken with the angles. Hmmm.

Now I must do some serious unpacking, then check to see what the Friday Photo Shootout was - maybe I can do a late entry.


Anonymous said...

Welcome home, sweetie!! Awesome postcard.

Sandra Leigh said...

Isn't it? I hope T. doesn't mind my posting it. It just occurred to me I should probably have asked first. Hey, T! (and thanks, Kimmi. It's great to be home. I think I'll go make some coffee in my very own kitchen.)

Rose Marie Raccioppi said...

Happy for your travels and most certainly for your safe return home. Do stop by when time permits. Best always to you and yours. Sweet thought posting postcard. Cheers!

Mairi said...

Welcome home Sandra. We've missed you, but have enjoyed your news bulletins. Looking forward to the fruits of your travel.

Sandra Leigh said...

Rose Marie and Mairi, thank you for the welcome(s). I have missed the Land of Blog. Even when I had a connection, I usually didn't have time to take advantage of it - thus the drive-by posts. I may just crawl into my laptop and not come out for days. ;>)

John Hayes said...

Love that postcard!

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