Friday, August 07, 2009

Friday Photo Shootout - Power!

Friday? Already? This calls for some creative photography. Ahem.

My first photo represents the primary source of power at our house. I'm a little unclear about how it gets in there,

but all we have to do is plug our appliances in - and most important of all, plug our laptops in - and presto! we have power.

Just recently, I bought a new microwave. It claims to have 1200 watts, whatever they are. It cooks my morning porridge in 2 minutes, rather than the 4 that my old microwave took, so I guess there's a lot of power in those watts.

When we want to get somewhere fast, we drive our huge gas guzzling Buick, which we converted to propane some years ago. The engine is still very powerful.

But if we want to harness the power of our own muscles, we differ in our approach: My husband loves his bicycle. When he was a child, he wore several bikes out, and he's pretty close to wearing this one out, as well.

I, on the other hand, prefer to move under my own, unaugmented power, so I use these.

There you have it - the secret of our power. Use it wisely.


Sandra Leigh said...

Sheesh. It looks as if the situation called for some mighty blurry photography. Sorry about that.

Dominic Rivron said...

Now I know what Canadian power sockets look like!

Could you use the feet in the trainers to power the bicycle, to turn a dynamo, to drive the microwave?

(Watts, if I remember right, are volts times amps).

John Hayes said...

Fun-- very few folks actually understand electricity, I think, & I'm not one of the few who do either.

Brian Miller said...

you had me at the last line...its all in how we use it.

Sandy said...

Nice interpretation of the theme this week.

Reya Mellicker said...

Nice! Love the plug pic.

Doreen said...

great shoot out! love the bike and shoes shots. the best power around!!

Sandra Leigh said...

I wrote a response to these comments, but it seems to have been spirited away by cyber-brownies. Hmmm. So.

Dominic, that's a power bar of sorts - six outlets plugged into one. We're on 120V here. I once took my hair dryer to England and used a gizmo to convert the voltage. Even with the gizmo, I thought the hair dryer would take flight. There was w-a-y too much power. I air-dried my hair.

John, my knowledge of electricity is just enough to keep me from poking metal objects into electrical outlets.

Brian, Sandy, Reya, Doreen, thank you for your comments. I think that the less dependent on the grid we are, the better. OTOH, I'm saying that on a very high-tech litle computer. I try to make up for it by walking a lot and mixing things with a wooden spoon.

Sandra Leigh said...

Dominic, I forgot to mention - I do have a bike of my own, and yes, I power it with my feet in their trainers. I don't think I could generate enough power to run the microwave. It's pretty skookum. A dynamo, yes. Maybe it would be enough to run my laptop. Heh.

Pauline said...

Thanks for a post that brought a smile to my face! Refreshing!

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