Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tuesday is BetterU Day -

and I am pleased to report that I have lost another pound and a half. My weight is now X-14.5, and my BP was 117/79 yesterday. Much better.

I glanced back at last week's report and saw what an eventful day last Tuesday was, with the release of Euna Lee and Laura Ling, President Obama's birthday, and Rebecca Woodhead's accession to the Ms. UK Twitter throne. Today should have been much more leisurely, but it has torn past with really unseemly speed, and I am left feeling groggy and inclined to have a nap. I must not do that, or I won't sleep tonight.

I did have my walk, and R and I went to the north end to buy a new box fan, then to the south end to have the water pump on our car replaced so that it would stop leaking antifreeze.

Just a few minutes ago, we ran outside to investigate a huge noise. It was the Snowbirds flying overhead. They will be performing here in Nanaimo tomorrow night. I guess this is just practice. It was impressive, nonetheless. Tomorrow, we plan to go have an early dinner somewhere from which we can watch the show.


Anonymous said...

Sandra, so many goings on here. Sounds like everything was improved upon. And drat the water-pump in the car...I hate when that happens( replaced mine last year ). Too, could have used an extra fan, yesterday! Oh the humidity...

And haven't seen the Snowbirds but once but was a fantastic show. A good thing they're doing for the kids, yes? Cheers!

John Hayes said...

Very good blood pressure there--congrats. Enjoy the air show!

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