Monday, August 03, 2009

Phew! That was a busy day.

Actually, this was a day spent mostly in my chair, twittering and trying to catch up on bloggy friends' posts. I had a mission - to see Rebecca Woodhead into her rightful position as UK Ms. Twitter. Her mission, you see, was to prove that the pen is mightier than the pin-up, recently amended by Rebecca (with tongue firmly in cheek, I suspect) to literacy & libraries will triumph over lipstick & liposuction - both of which battle cries I found most inspiring. At this point, with approximately 14 hours and 45 minutes left in the competition, Rebecca has a solid lead of 1,205 votes over her nearest competitor. I'm not taking any chances. I'll keep voting until bedtime, then start again in the morning and keep voting until they slam the door of the voting booth.

The above photo is one of those that I took as we left the prairies and settled into the welcoming arms of the Rockies. I'm still basking in the relief I felt.

When I wasn't voting or tweeting today, I was out shopping. We needed a new microwave, and I bought that. I also ran some more errands. It was weird to drive a car after a couple of weeks barreling around in the Turtle. The steering wheel seemed a little loose in its moorings, but I know that was just because I've been driving a truck.

In preparation for tomorrow's (shudder) BetterU weigh-in, I tested my blood pressure at London Drugs. Holy Hannah. Must. Cut down. On. Salt.

Never mind. Things are returning to normal - except I just talked to Jane, and we've set the wheels in motion for a Girls' Day Out Including Pedicure. Aaaaaah. Now there's something to cure what ails me.


Brian Miller said...

love the battle cries...anything for a good cause, eh? watch the salt...and who likes normal anyways. hope you have a great evening.

Sandra Leigh said...

Thank you Brian - for the comment, and also for inspiring my (yet-to-be-written) Theme Thursday post for this week.

Anonymous said...

Pedis = the best!!

John Hayes said...

Best of luck for Ms Rebecca!

Kathryn Magendie said...

Dang Sandra- now you left me wondering what you 3 paragraph comment on my blog said! You shoulda left it !!! I'm all curious now! *laugh*

Sandra Leigh said...

Kimmi, I'm wishing our appt were for right now. We've opted for the spa pedi, which includes a foot massage. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

John, thank you. Ms. Rebecca rules (officially, now)!

Kathryn, I cut the material from your comments section and copied it into my blog for today, then erased it from there, because I had too many other things to talk about. I'll try to remember, and e-mail you (or send 20 consecutive tweets). ;>)

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