Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Oh, that's better. I just uploaded a photo of Pete the Iguana to the body of the blog, with no trouble at all. I think the problems I was having the other day had nothing to do with my failing mind. Rather, I was Experiencing Technical Difficulties. That's good.

My trip to the fish market today turned out to be a trip to the meat market, which was open this time. More Technical Difficulties, I guess, in my communication with Ian. I decided to just go with the flow. While I was off gallivanting, R went for a swim, complete with fins and body board. My husband, the surfer! I got back and told him I had brought him pork chops for dinner, which he found very confusing, what with thinking I'd been at the fish market.

I also bought half a kilo of corn tortillas from a tortilleria I noticed on the way home. There was one right by the meat market, and I tried to buy flour tortillas there, but they only made corn. When I got to the second place and they didn't make flour tortillas either, I got the drift. I bought corn. When in Rome. Yesterday I bought a cunning little quilted affair like an oversized round pot holder. It's two pieces hemmed together around 2/3 of the circle. You tuck your freshly warmed tortillas into the pocket and it keeps them warm all through dinner. Very clever. Now I have warm tortillas to go with the splendid beans I've taken to making. I'm getting to be an expert. I soak a couple of handfuls of white beans. Meanwhile I put a couple of dried Ancho peppers in water, bring it to a boil, simmer it for a few minutes, remove the peppers, pour the liquid in with the beans, then scrape the pulp off the pepper skin and throw that (the pulp) in too. I add diced onion, garlic, a vegetable boullion cube, diced Poblano pepper, and when the beans are tender I mash some of them to thicken the stew. Perfect.

Anyway, after this morning's expedition we all had coffee and made plans for Thursday. Ian has heard about a lovely little village about 50 kms north of Mazatlan. It's a silver mining town, and we are invited to go explore it with him. I'll be sure to take the camera. So if I'm not around on Thursday, that's why. We're planning to leave about 9 o'clock in the morning. Tomorrow I won't be going anywhere, at least until after Tony brings me my clothes.

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