Saturday, February 03, 2007

My attempt at uploading photos to the journal failed, so I´m just going to give you a link to my Yahoo photo album. Let´s just hope that works.

I took a bunch of pictures yesterday, for the first time on this trip. We have been using the camcorder to do film clips, but I really like the stills it takes. When we were north, the weather wasn´t good enough to inspire a lot of photography. I´ll take pictures of San Carlos, Bahia Kino, and probably Alamos on the way back, when with any luck it will be warm and sunny there.

It being Saturday, I´m hanging around for a few minutes, hoping that one of my Skype partners will give me a call. I´ve uploaded the photos with the assistance of my provider´s two kittens, Jose and Hose B, who are looking forward to careers in the word processing field. I´ve come to enjoy my daily visit very much. Snickers, the dog, is friendly, and the kittens are hilarious. Their man is also fun to talk to. R just wanders by on his bike from time to time, making sure I haven´t passed out from sunstroke.

We went for our beach walk this morning, and it was wild. The tide was very high, and the surf was warm and foamy. The waves were huge. There must have been a big storm somewhere, to cause that heavy a surf here. I found a 50 centavo piece half buried in the wet sand, a continuation of the good luck I had last night at Scrabble.

We are invited to Ian´s for tea at four o`clock today. Very civilized. Meanwhile, I have to figure out how to cook the chicken I bought yesterday without turning the whole rv into an oven. Such a problem . This is so weird. My laptop is typing in Spanish again. When I try to type a colon, for instance, I get Ñ. Ordinarily I can´t get Ñ to save my life. I have no idea how to type a question mark, so I can´t ask somebody to let me know whether the link I posted works or not, except like this. It´s a little frustrating, but also an exercise in creativity.

The kittens are biting my knees. I think I had better move.

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The photos are beautiful!


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