Tuesday, February 06, 2007

February 5, 2007

Yesterday was the first day since we’ve been here in Mazatlan that I managed to Skype. My Texas sister happened to be at her computer while I was posting, so we talked for a long time. I was talking to her and watching the iguanas at the same time. They really were very entertaining yesterday, skittering up and down the trees. It seems to be breeding season. Pete, the big male, is displaying his bright orange wattles at every opportunity, strutting his stuff for the ladies.

This morning we went for a walk on the beach, and I ended up swimming – well, playing in the water – for a few minutes. It was great. As I walked back to the RV, it occurred to me that our holiday is about a third gone, and that I should appreciate certain things, particularly that this day is mine. Every moment of it is mine, to do with as I will. I have no obligations. R may ask me to go bike riding with him, and I probably will, but I don’t have to. If I would rather sit and read a book or go for a walk or play on the internet, I am perfectly free to do so. What a lucky lady.

It didn’t turn out quite that way, of course. Ian dropped by on his way to the supermarket, and we can’t pass up the opportunity to go to the supermarket when Mazatlan’s version of the veggie truck man charges the equivalent of 30 cents an egg. (In Kino I would pay 10 cents). So off we went, and by the time we got back, it was too late for me to post to my journal, so I’m typing the post into my laptop, to be sent off tomorrow morning. Early. Before my day can get away from me.

Now it's February 6. I took a picture of myself blogging, with palm trees sort of in the background, in response to popular demand, and this time I figured out how to upload it. It's not a great picture, but it verifies my presence in the land of sunshine and iguanas.

It's a red letter day, today. Tony the laundry man came around, noticed my huge bag of laundry, and picked it up for me. I'm reduced to wearing my bathing suit as much as possible, nursing the last shirt and pair of shorts along. He will bring back our clothes tomorrow, he says. I understand he is very dependable - unlike certain airlines I've been reading about recently.

I also learned that my provider's name is Bodie. It's odd. I've been coming up here to post pretty well every day for over a week, and we've chatted quite a few times, but somehow names never came up. I got the information from a neighbour who dropped by this morning.

As I suspected, the day is going to get away from me. A trip to the fish market is in the offing. That's good. I can explain to Ian why the meat market was closed yesterday. Apparently it was Constitution Day. I'd have been looking for civic celebrations, if only I had known.

Time to make brunch now. Best wishes from Mazatlan.

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