Friday, February 02, 2007

Happy Groundhog Day, everybody. We don't seem to have any groundhogs around here, but I am trying to upload a couple of pictures I took of the local wildlife. For It some reason, I'm having trouble doing that. I'll keep trying. If you see a picture of an iguana appear, you'll know I succeeded.

Our friend Ian from the other park showed up a little while ago, saying he's about to go to the supermarket - so I'll tag along. We need tortillas and a couple of other things.

We walked down the beach today, toward downtown, to see what was going on with the parasailors. (Is that what you call it? Parasailing? Boat, tow line, parachute, tourist in harness?) It looked like fun. I wouldn't have wanted to be in the tow boat, though. I got queasy just looking at it. The hotel nearby had red flags out, warning of dangerous water conditions - though the water didn't look any more lively than usual to me. Maybe they always have their red flags out.

Yesterday, just as I was putting the computer away, an instant message screen popped up, and it turned out to be my niece in England trying to reach me. We had a great chat for about five minutes, and then I lost her. I had somebody talking to me, trying to keep up with two conversations at once. I probably pushed the wrong button. Sorry, Jayne - call again, okay? It was great to hear from you.

Then I went home and cooked white beans with ancho chile sauce, Mexican rice (like Spanish rice, but here), lobster and shrimp, salad (uncooked). Dinner was excellent.

Okay. Here I go again, going to try to put that photo in before I have to leave for the shopping centre.

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