Monday, October 19, 2009

Watching Paint Dry

Buoyed by the excitement of this week's Poetry Bus ride, I went out for a walk this morning. I hadn't had any exercise in about a week (I really must stop being such a wimp. It's only rain) and my body was complaining. I had the day off , and the seemingly relentless rain had relented at last. Nanaimo had put on her autumnal finery. I met several people along the trail. Every one of them was extraordinarily cheerful. I chatted with one lady about how this brilliant day, coming as it had after a week of rain, felt like a gift.

Although I could feel the effects of a week without exercise, I did complete my walk, and it was filled with beautiful moments. There was, of course, the colour. We don't get the brilliant autumn colours that the eastern provinces get, because most of our trees are Douglas firs and the like, but we do have some maples and Lombardy poplars, which brighten our forests at this time of year. What I noticed most today, though, was the fragrance of autumn. There was that musty smell that fallen leaves produce, that seems to fill not only my nose, but my mouth as well, and as I passed Westwood Orchard, there was a warm, cidery smell. Maybe they were making cider today. I should check, the next time I drive by.

In the evening, I wrote a short-short story, and I submitted it to The Public Query Slushpile. That's where my post title comes from. The challenge was to write a story (300-500 words) about watching paint dry, and make it interesting. I hope I succeeded. I think I came in at 495 words.

Tomorrow we will be spending the day in Victoria. I hope this weaather holds. Victoria in the sunshine is the most beautiful city in the world.


Virginia said...

Good luck with your entry about watching paint dry. I enjoyed your walk almost as much as you did. Thanks for taking us along.

John Hayes said...

Have a grand day out--I really liked the writing in your "watching paint dry" entry--that length of fiction is really quite fascinating. The descriptions of how yellow & red dry were especially good.

Sandra Leigh said...

Good morning, (afternoon?) Virginia and John. Thanks for stopping by. I'm in Victoria right now, snatching a little internet time between things. Unfortunately, the sun has deserted us, but we have some very fetching fog to replace it.

Virginia, I'm glad you enjoyed our walk. I did, too.

John, thank you for checking out my story-ette. ;>)

Reya Mellicker said...

Sounds like a perfect day! Beautiful images, thank you.

People around here call maples "weed trees" but they are so so so beautiful in the fall. I wonder why they are so disliked.

Onwards & upwards with your amazing poetry, Sandra! Bravo!

Mairi said...

My sister lives in Victoria and she's almost as enthusiastic about it as you are. Hope you had a lovely day out. Your bus tour poem deserved it.

Kathryn Magendie said...

I'm glad you submitted something somewhere - yay! Let us know what happens.....

and isn't fall a lovely time? the colors, smells - crisp air! ahhh! love the photo!

Sandra Leigh said...

Reya, I imagine that the maples we have out here would fall into the "weed maple" category. They are (for the most part) soft maples, not the hard sugar maples. I love all maples, though.

Mairi, your sister is very lucky. I would love to live there again someday.

Kathryn, thanks for the reminder. I must go check to see whether Rick (at PQS) liked my story.

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