Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Too Bad, So Sad

I did not find fame and fortune by posting my little story at the Public Query Slushpile. On the other hand, the stories that have been chosen as finalists are quite good, and my favourite is very funny. After I finish here, I must go back and vote.

But the good news is that I've started a warm-up to NaNoWriMo. Writing the 500 (okay 495) word story was my Day 1 Exercise. Yesterday was Day 2. I set myself a goal of 750 words. I wrote in Marie's blog -- 777 words. Today, Day 3, I am aiming for 1,000 words. Marie is going to have to do some serious remembering. I keep having to remind myself of what Kathryn Magendie says. I don't remember when, but some time ago, she said that you don't have to be afraid of running out of words. There are always more words. I'm trusting you on this one, Kathryn. If I run out before the end of NaNoWriMo, sputter to a halt 1,000 words before the finish line, I'll come looking for you. ;>)

The other good news is that I saw an ad on television for a new movie -- Amelia -- coming out on Friday. It stars Hilary Swank, and it's the story of Amelia Earhart. Perfect! They must have known I was researching Amelia Earhart for Fly Away Home, and just like that (!) they put out a movie about her. Cool. I'm going to go see it, as soon as it arrives. It will be my pre-NaNo reward for good intentions.

Okay. Vote, then write --

P.S.  I'm ba-a-a-ck.  I wrote - or Marie, my alter ego, wrote - 1,013 words in her blog.  We actually wrote it at My Writing Nook, and I copied it over to WordPress. I'm having the same problem I had last night. I can copy my text into the blog, but the Submit button is missing. It took me a couple of hours yesterday to convince WordPress to pay attention to me. I don't know whether I have the patience tonight -- it's nearly midnight -- so Marie's words might just have to stay in My Writing Nook until WordPress is feeling better.


AngelMay said...

How do you know you are not a finalist. I went to that blog and saw nothing at all about winners. Where do they post it?

Sandra Leigh said...

AM, you're not alone. I have a terrible time finding my way around in there. I think I went to the newest entries and scrolled down. I found something titled "Writing Contest - Finalists" (I think it was the fourth post down).

How did I get to the new stuff? Hmmm. I followed my link, then clicked on the name of the blog at the top. I imagine it gets easier after a while, but right now the site is a mystery to me. I can't even remember how I got there in the first place!

Brian Miller said...

mmm...saw the ad for amelia as well...definite go see.

Wings said...

Gah! Congrats to you. I have yet to even CHOOSE a topic for NaNoWriMo!!!

AngelMay said...

Gah! is right. But I don't see how either of you could write a whole novel in a month. My current short story is taking me frakkin' forever. It's being very difficult. Kind of like stuffing my cat into the carrying case when it's time to go to the vet. It just doesn't want to cooperate. But I'm taming it... and it should get posted within at least the next week. Sheesh!

VE said...

When I was writing my book, I had a couple of days when I wrote 7,000 words. It's harder to be consistant though. Good luck next month. I may try that event too.

John Hayes said...

Great work you're doing--Kathryn M is right about words (IMO); biggest thing I think (in the free advice dept, so you know what it's worth): don't be afraid to be vulnerable in writing!

Sandra Leigh said...

Hi, Brian.I just hope Amelia comes to Nanaimo before Nov. 1. I've made tentative arrangements to go see it with husband and friends on Wednesday.

Wings, I'm just terrified of staring at a blank page for 30 days, so I've gotten a little compulsive about my prep.

AM, we don't have to write a whole novel - just 50,000 words of one. That's 1,666.6666666 words a day. ;>)I figure that if I fit in a few 2,000-word days near the beginning of the month, I should be okay.

VE - 7,000? Omigod.

Thank you, John. I'll add your advice to my dry-erase board, right under Permission Granted. I am such a wuss. Time to come out, I think.

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