Tuesday, October 27, 2009

 Four days - no -Three days.

I have read as far as I could read in No Plot? No Problem!  That amounted to  Part I, which looks like about half the book. At that point, the author said it was time to stop, that each week in November has its own chapter, and I shouldn't read any chapter before its time. Okay. Being a good and obedient student, I stopped -- though it's making me a little crazy, like knowing where my Christmas presents are but knowing I mustn't peek at them because, really, come Christmas morning, it will be much better to open the packages and be surprised by what's inside.

To make the wait a little more bearable, I do get to go see Amelia tomorrow night. Meanwhile, I keep finding pieces of paper in my purse, in my pockets, in the car, and all over the house, with little notes scribbled on them: "Sister Ruth -- St. Benedict medal." "Dirty underwear." "Corned beef and cabbage." Some of them make sense to me when I find them. Others make me knit my brow. What was I thinking?

I drove down the road today, carrying on both sides of a potential argument between two of my characters. Nobody was winning, both of me were unhappy, and eventually I stopped arguing. So scratch that scene.

I'm beginning to have second (twentieth) thoughts about NaNoWriMo.  This can't be healthy.


Angie Ledbetter said...

No NaNoo NaNoo for me. Too much going on already. But good luck to you!

Reya Mellicker said...

The story of how you're writing this story is no doubt almost as good as the story itself.

Love your artful soul, Sandra!

Barry said...

What goes on the brain of an author makes for a fascinating post.

As it slowly drives her crazy, for our pleasure.

Sandra Leigh said...

Angie, because I live in Nanaimo, I feel an obligation. NaNoWriMoNaNaiMo. We are destined to be the heart of the project!

Thank you, Reya. I hope I do have an artful soul.

Barry, you are delightfully evil.

John Hayes said...

Excitement is a good thing! I agree with Reya both about your artful soul & also how interesting it is to read about your process; I think that's Barry's point too!

T. Clear said...

This is exactly why I stick with poetry. (But I read a heck of a lot of fiction: leave the work to someone else!)

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