Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Shall We Dance?

It's here at last -- the Willow Manor Ball! I wasn't in town for last year's ball, so this year's invitation came as a delightful surprise. As soon as I read it, I set about my preparations - shopping, making arrangements for transportation -oh, by the way, what do you think of my Bentley? I've had it detailed for the occasion (gilding the lily, I confess. The car is pristine.) and the rear-seat bar is stocked with champagne and strawberries, to tide us over on the way to the ball.

I took an inordinate amount of time picking out my dancing shoes. I wanted something elegant, but something that I could comfortably wear while I danced for hours and hours in the arms of my partner. In the end, I chose these. They are satin pumps, designed for dancing, in a neutral colour with just a bit of sheen - not so much as to compete with my dress:

Speaking of dresses, I've been so excited, and also terribly worried that I wouldn't be able to find something to wear. I don't know why I worried so much, though. I found the absolutely perfect, perfectly splendid gown. It suits me very well, don't you think? Not only does it highlight the wasp waist I've worked so hard to attain, but it shows off my new, youthful face and skin (By the way, there was no surgery involved - just a bit of magic that I learned on the set of Bewitched).

And here is - Wait - are you sitting down? Get out your fans, ladies. First, I must tell you a secret - well, two secrets - First, I thought of asking Matt McConaughey to the ball. He certainly knows his way around the dance floor, as those of you who have seen The Wedding Planner will agree, but I was afraid that we would start talking about his role in my book, and this evening is meant to be a break from all that. Then, Antonio Banderas was hinting about escorting me, and I confess I was tempted, as he dances divinely. He is particularly adept at the tango.

In the end, though, a way with the tango just wasn't enough. I needed the perfect partner, and there was only one man who fit that bill. There were other ladies who felt the same way, but when he saw me, my dream partner would hold no other woman in his perfect arms, twirl no other across the ballroom to the swelling strains of the immortal Strauss waltzes.

You may not be able to pick us out of the crowd, but we have danced together before, and if you know where to look, you'll see us, and you'll see how happy we are to be dancing together.

So, without further ado, I present for your admiration (and your envy, if I'm to be perfectly honest) my escort for the evening, the glorious Colin Firth, Darcy himself.

Eat your heart out, Elizabeth Bennett!


Barry said...

Save a spot on your dance card for me Sandra (if you can let go of Colin for a few minutes. Honestly you guys!).

Poetikat said...

Send Colin over to my divan when he needs some respite from the dancing. Please!!!!
Your dress is enchanting, as are you.

John Hayes said...

Very glamorous! & a good waltz is hard to beat.

Sandra Leigh said...

"Why, Barry," said Sandra, fluttering her fan, "I would be delighted!"

Poetikat, thank you for the compliment. I'll have to think about that divan thing, though. ;>)

John, I agree. I just hope we won't be doing too much hip-hop. My gown wasn't designed for that. Nor was I.

Anonymous said...

Mr Darcy! My heart's a-flutter!


Skip Simpson said...

My dear Miss Sandra. If you can tear yourself away for Colin for a moment or two, I wonder if you would grant me the honour of the next dance?

Sandra Leigh said...

Dear Anonymous,

I understand that there are smelling salts to be had, should the need arise. Just ask one of the waiters -


Dear Skip,

I would be honoured. < curtsy >


Yoli said...

Such good taste!

Lyn said...

Please pass the "Bewitched" formula on..I have a couple of friends who are thinking nip and tuck!
Well, is that not the best pic of Darcy? We're all eating our hearts out..but I can see why he chose you!!

Sandra Leigh said...

Why, thank you, Yoli. I saw you and Gordon sailing by, just a moment ago. You are show stoppers, the two of you!

Lyn, thank you so much. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. As for the Bewitched formula, help yourself! My good fortune has made me feel generous.

Alaine said...

Sandra Leigh, your dress was exquisite and I must say that we share excellent taste in the stronger sex!

Mimi said...

The lying so and so!
He's managed to being 3 (at least) of us to this Ball.
No wonder he keeps disappearing, and the Manor is so big, there's no hope of catching him in the act.
He and I are just friends, so I don't really mind, but he's a cheeky one!

Sandra Leigh said...

Alaine, we do indeed find ourselves attracted to the same type of man, don't we? Witness Mimi's comment. Mimi, are you serious? Did Colin escort you, too? Why, the two-or three-(or more?) timing scalawag! No wonder he looked so winded the last time I saw him. I think I'll challenge him to a quick fox trot, just to be mean. ;>)

Mimi said...

Sandra, Colin did indeed "escort" me, but I've told him that he is never again to put me in this difficult position.
I mean, one of you might have thought I was trying to pry him away (wouldn't dream of it, I've my own secret lover at home, even Colin doesn't know about him). Then you might have thrown some of Mr. Toast's lovely mulled wine over me, and ruined my very expensive dress.

Mimi said...

Forgot to say, it was lovely to meet you, and I hope you enjoyed the Ball as much as I did.
I'll need a few early nights now to recover, but I wouldn't have missed it for anything.
Already looking forward to next year....

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