Thursday, March 26, 2009

This isn't looking good.

Judging by my occasional sneezing and coughing, and especially by the fact that I can't even put two thoughts together tonight in order to write, I have a feeling I'm catching my husband's cold. I suppose that's inevitable, but the timing is awful. Plus, when I have a cold, it's not one of those charming Austenesque affairs where I lie there looking pretty and a little pinker than usual, sniffing daintily from time to time and fluttering a lacy handkerchief. No, it's more like Marjorie Main as Ma Kettle, or - oh, never mind. Suffice it to say, it's not a thing of beauty. I'm not a thing of beauty. And I know my husband will feel guilty and worry about me and try to be helpful, but when I'm sick, I would like to be flown to a desert island and left there, surrounded by books and with a tea kettle at hand, thank you.

I am going to give ColdFX a try. I went to the pharmacy today and asked about it. The pharmacist thought I wanted to know whether I needed the real brand or a generic. I interrupted her to say that actually, I wanted to know whether it was snake oil. She told me that she didn't think so, because her daughter swears by it. I know a couple of other people who praise it, as well, so here goes.

I shall retire now to my bed of pain. Think of me, from time to time. ;>)


John Hayes said...

Hang in there & feel better soon!

foetoe said...

ahhhh.....poor, poor baby. Can I get you anything?

Sandra Leigh said...

Hah! (choo!) Thanks, folks. Remember that ad - what was it for? some kind of jeans - where Shari Belafonte lay there on the tv screen, purring, iirc, "When you lose your mind, it's nice to have a body to fall back on" - Boy, am I in trouble. First the body went, and now I've lost my mind. I think it was kidnapped by a rhinovirus. A head transplant would be nice. Or Shari Belafonte's figure. Or both. ;>)

Debbie said...

I hope it works for you! Let us know.

Jeanne said...

Let us know if that stuff really works.

Feel better!

Sandra Leigh said...

Jeanne and Debbie, I'm rather stuffy and sniffly, but I don't know how sick I would be if I hadn't taken the ColdFX. It's really hard to make judgments based on what didn't happen. I think if I'm not feeling better by -say, Monday, I'll give the stuff a thumbs down.

Kathryn Magendie said...

I am thinking of you right now! *smiling* and you are like I am - I don't like to be fussed over -when I feel poorly, just leave me be...a little Vicks VapoRub, some tea, some soft tissues, a magazine or book - soft covers...oh, I almost want a cold so I can do all that *laugh!*

Feel better soon!

(and yes! as to your comment - Deborah Lebland DID write a glorious review, didn't she? I was blown away! -- she bought books to use as a give away on her site - how cool is that?!)

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