Monday, March 02, 2009

Hello again. My Austin visit is drawing quickly to a close - we have tomorrow here, and then on Wednesday we will start wandering back to Canada via the roads least likely to have snow on them. Meanwhile, we are trying to pack in as much family time as we can. I think we will all have to sleep for a week when the visit is over, to make up for all this burning of the midnight oil. My sister and her husband had to go back to work today, bleary-eyed as they were.

When I arrived, I found that my prize book had arrived first. Over at Stone Soup, I had won a signed copy of Jamie Ford’s novel, Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet. I had asked Katrina to send the book to my sister's address, so that I could get my hands on it all the sooner. Of course, I haven't had a chance to read a single page, with all that's going on here - but I have it, and when we're on the road again, I shall devote my evenings to reading.

We all went to the Alamo Drafthouse the other night, to see Slumdog Millionaire. We were going to go back later that same night to see The Reader, but we got too busy talking, so we never did make it. We've gone to San Antonio to meet an online acquaintance, now an in-person friend. That meeting came with the bonus of a wonderful Thai meal at Asia Kitchen , where my new friend is a long-time customer. I also got to meet my newborn great-niece, who is as adorable as her photos suggested.

Yesterday, we drove out to the field where the Fault Line Flyers have their clubhouse. We expected to be able to watch some gliders flying, but as soon as we got there, somebody said "So - are you flying today?" and we ended up spending the day. Five of the six of us went up in the glider, which was piloted by Bill, a very experienced pilot. It was my first gliding experience, and I almost didn't go. After Robin went up, he suggested that I might want to skip it, because there was a fair amount of turbulence above 2,000 feet, and I am notorious for becoming motion sick (You may recall that I got seasick on a boogie board a few weeks ago). As the day progressed, though, the air calmed down, and I was the last of the group to go up. I was a bit queasy, but not enough to ruin the flight. I'm glad I did it. That's a check mark on my bucket list. My niece and her husband had such a good time, they're considering joining the flying club.

So. While I've been playing hookey, life in the blogosphere has gone on, and I've missed it - so it's time for me to go visit my favourite bloggers.


Reya Mellicker said...

You are so brave and adventurous. I salute you!

John Hayes said...

I applaud you (I think) for going up in the glider. For myself, I always like to remain in contact with the ground-- not a flyer or glider. Good to see you back.

Angie Ledbetter said...

Sounds like a great stopover!!

Debbie said...

I wanted that book! I didn't realize you had won it - I wouldn't have been so sad knowing it was going to you!
I wish you could pop by TN and visit. I wish you safe travels.

Sandra Leigh said...

Reya and John, thank you. I'm not all that brave, but I do enjoy a good adventure, as long as it's safe!

Angie, it is great. My sister and I seldom have a chance to spend time together (though, since we discovered Skype, we do have tea together quite frequently, using full-screen webcam to create the illusion of togetherness). Real is better.

Debbie, thank you very much. TN is just a little off our course this time, but as I've never been there, I'll add it to the wish list.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

in my book getting in a glider definitely takes bravery!! I don't know if I could do it, I have no aversion to flying but there is something that seems lacking control with a glider....

the book sounds good, I'll have to check it out.

I'll be in austin in april, if I can pull myself away from eating mexican food for every meal, I'll have to check out asia kitchen!

Sandra Leigh said...

Hi, Kimy - I understand your problem. I find it hard to eat anything else if there's Mexican food to be had. But if you do decide to check out Asia Kitchen, note that it's in San Antonio, not Austin. It is definitely worth the drive. Oh - and I have not been paid for this testimonial!

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