Sunday, March 08, 2009

Kingman, Arizona - Elevation 3,300 feet - much better!

We were models of efficiency today. First of all, we didn't have to set our clocks forward, because we had moved into Arizona, where they don't do Daylight Savings Time. So we woke up all chipper and ready to face the day. We left the park in Springerville at 8:15, stopped at a bank machine, noticed a Safeway up the street.

This calls for a special paragraph. We went to the Safeway. I ordered half a pound each of turkey and ham from the deli. They were on sale for $4.99/lb. We also bought eggs, milk, bread, and a couple of other items and proceeded to the checkout counter. Now, for the last several expeditions, we've been limited to shopping in mega-stores. At the last one, I was actually tempted to have a word with the clerk about changing jobs while she's still young enough to do it. Anyway. At the Safeway, I was greeted by a friendly, smiling young woman. She began putting my purchases through. Suddenly, she stopped. "I'm not even going to scan this," she said. ???? "What's the matter?" She showed me the bag of sliced ham. The price was $107.41. Oh my goodness. She suggested she just charge me the same amount for the ham as for the turkey. Okay. Problem solved. Robin took the groceries out to the RV while I paid the bill. I was getting the money out when the clerk said "Wait. I think I have a couple of coupons." She fished through her newspapers and came up with a further $2 saving for me. "There," she said as she handed me my receipt. "You saved $7.24 today." I'm still smiling about that encounter. The young lady, whose name I foolishly did not get, didn't have to be so helpful. Granted, she had to do something about the $100+ overcharge, because even I would have noticed that something was wrong, but she certainly didn't have to go hunting for other ways to save me money. Thank you again, nameless young lady with the lovely smile.

We made one more stop, for fuel, and by 9:15 we were on the road. At 10:30, just in time for brunch, we arrived at Petrified Forest National Park. We parked near the Visitors' Centre, had something to eat, and then checked out the Crystal Forest, where I walked the .8 mile paved path and admired the scattered logs. Along the 28-mile park road (part of the old Route 66, I believe), there were various viewing points. My favourite was Lacey Point, which provided a spectacular view of the Painted Desert. This link includes a video that takes in what we saw today, and more. We did get to see the petroglyphs that are featured.

The park road came out on Interstate 40, and that brought us here to Kingman, where I opened my e-mail and discovered that dear friends from back home in Canada, who are traveling in their RV as well, are in Bullhead City, only 37 miles away - so tomorrow, I'll celebrate International Women's Day by giving another International Woman a big hug. We're BFF, you see, and we haven't seen each other since December 4, when Robin and I left for Mexico.


Debbie said...

We encounter so many people who hate their jobs and do them without feeling. Isn't it amazing how one encounter with a nice person can mean so much?

John Hayes said...

I second Debbie's observation; sounds like you had a good time in the Painted Desert. I passed thru that area once-- stopped in Kingman-- on a cross country road trip but didn't see the sights; wish I had.

Sandra Leigh said...

Yes, Debbie. The last time something like this happened, it was a bus driver that made my day, and I wrote to the bus company. I told them to give that lady a raise! Hmmm. Maybe I'll google Safeway for an address.

John, the first time I went through the Painted Desert, I was just a little girl. It has never lost its magic.

Kathryn Magendie said...

very nice video, and love the music.

Painted Desert - ah, I'd like to see that one day.

Sandra Leigh said...

Kat, you just point that Boopmobile west - and let me know you're headed this way, so we can have a meet-up, okay?

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