Sunday, February 03, 2008

What a day! When I got up this morning, I steeled myself for the bike ride to the estuary. Robin got my bike down, pumped some air into the tires, sprayed the chain with WD-40. I dressed in jeans and a jacket, because it was cold outside. Robin said maybe I should reconsider that, and of course he was right. I changed into a short-sleeved shirt, but kept the jeans on. I was plenty warm. I didn't confess that one of my reasons for wearing the jeans was that I still didn't entirely trust my balance - but I did fine, and I really enjoyed the ride. It was obvious that I hadn't been getting enough exercise, but I didn't actually have to stop for a rest! When we got to the estuary, we pulled the bikes up the path to where we could sit on the stone wall and look out over the bay. The water was glassy, and there were no dolphins in sight - the only disappointment of the trip.

When we got home, I set about making tea and brunch. My immediate plan was to make a marinade for tonight's steaks and start them brewing - but Robin came in and said "We're all going to take the kayaks over to the estuary." "Have a good time," I replied. "No, we want you to come with us." Oh. So I changed clothes again, this time into shorts, grabbed my beach shoes, and joined the group. At the estuary, we unloaded the boats. There are only three kayaks - I don't have one - which is one reason why I didn't think I was going along. Roger told me to take his kayak, which is the longest of the three - and said he would walk Blitzen around on the beach and meet us. So off we went, Robin, Chantal and I, and I discovered that I have to save my pennies so I can have a kayak next year. It was a lovely experience. I did run into Robin as we pulled up onto the beach at the other end, but not very hard. ;>)

When we decided to go back to the truck, we discussed strategy. The tide had been going out while we were there, which meant there was less water in the lagoon than there had been, and there was some chance that we might have to walk along in the water and pull the boats behind us. We did have to do that, but not for much of the trip. When the water got to be about 4" or less deep, we climbed out, walked until the mud underfoot got icky, then climbed back into the boats and paddled the rest of the way back.

Are you counting? That's TWO unaccustomed bouts of exercise I've had today - but I haven't done any of my usual walking, so I'll probably survive.

Anyway, we're safely back at home, the steaks are marinating, Roger and Chantal are having a nap, I'm trying to watch the Super Bowl - just so I'll understand what all my online friends are going on about - and Robin is commandeering the remote. Heh.

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