Saturday, February 09, 2008

I think my fingers have unstiffened enough now that I can type. I've been outside, listening to Terry play and sing, and singing along, for hours. When people in various parts of the park heard the music, they started gathering and making requests. In the course of the party, I wore shorts, t-shirt and sandals, then added a cotton sweater. Then I swapped the shorts for a pair of jeans. After a while, I put socks on. Finally, there was nothing for it but to come inside for the night. The wind coming from the north was so cold, it felt as if there were snow in it. Chantal had long since brought out a quilt and wrapped herself up. It was ten o'clock anyway, and we're supposed to quiet down after ten - though I can't imagine why. Now we get to listen to the Thump Thump Thump of the disco across the street until three o'clock in the morning. They don't seem to be as loud as they used to be, though. I don't know whether their main sub-woofer is broken again, or whether somebody has finally threatened to close them if they don't keep the noise down. Whatever it is, I'll take it. Anyway, we closed down the party and came shivering into our various homes.

Robin didn't come outside for the party. I thought he was just involved in his book, but it turns out he's not feeling very well. I think maybe he's gotten too much sun in the last couple of days. Although it gets cold at night, the days have been getting more gorgeous all the time, and it's hard to be sensible about staying out of the sun.

Take yesterday. Robin and I cycled to the estuary in the morning. We didn't walk on the beach, but after brunch I walked up to the bank to buy a ticket for the Rotary Club's Tour of Homes this coming Tuesday. I intended to take the bus, but the bus didn't come right along, so I started walking. By the time the bus did come along, I was more than halfway to the bank, so I just kept walking. Then I came home, stopping at Tony's to buy prawns for last night's curry. There wasn't much point in catching the bus on that trip, because Tony's stand is just about halfway from the bank to home, and I have better ways to spend five pesos than on a piddly bus ride like that. So I ended up taking a fairly long walk in the noonday sun. Meanwhile, the guys had taken the kayaks and paddled around the estuary, so they got a lot of sun as well. I think Chantal was the only sensible one.

What else happened yesterday? Oh, yes. I had an e-mail from Kate to say that she and Dick and Tom had made it safely home.

This morning, when we got to the estuary, we met Caroline and Kim, and I walked to the end of the beach and back with them and their dog while Robin sat and watched the water and nursed a blister (I bought him a pair of Croc knockoffs in Hermosillo the other day, and that may not have been a good idea). I was glad I had taken that walk on the beach, though, because that was the extent of my exercise for the day. After lunch, I turned the cd player on (Bach) and fell into my book (We Were the Mulvaneys). I ended up finishing it. For a while, I sat inside to read, but then I moved the stereo outside and took my book out there, so I could enjoy the sunshine and still find out what happened to the Mulvaneys.

The temperature is supposed to go up to 79F tomorrow, so I anticipate another lazy day in paradise.

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