Sunday, January 20, 2008

Yesterday I spent several hours on a fruitless garage sale quest. I decided I would really like to have a blender, so that I don't have to borrow Chantal's whenever I want to make dried chile salsa. The park next door was having a big multi-home garage sale, so I went over there at 8 o'clock in the morning. I couldn't find a blender, but somebody mentioned that Loma del Mar, where the San Carlos Trailer Club is, was having its garage sale as well, so I decided to check that out.

I waited until Robin and Roger were heading for the marina to go kayaking, and I hitched a ride with them as far as the supermarket. Then I headed up the cross street, looking for Loma del Mar. I did find it, but it was a long, long walk. Along the way, I stopped to buy a much-needed bottle of cold water at the gringo store (I don't remember the name of the store, but it's the one where you go if you need a fix of back-home food, presuming that you eat things like pork and beans back home.) When I finally found Loma del Mar, I spoke to a group of people standing by one of the trailers. They told me the sale was over. So I turned around and walked back to the main road, bought a chicken from the Santa Rosa (Saturday is chicken day!) and some vegetables from Tony. I had encouraged myself to keep walking by promising myself that I could take the bus back home from Tony's - but by the time I actually got there, I was feeling much better, so I walked home. Later in the day I even went for a walk on the beach with Roger and Chantal. I think my body is adapting to the routine.

By the way, I'm told that Roger and Chantal have given their family this web address, so that they can keep up with what's going on here - so hello to Roger and Chantal's family. As you will have noticed, we live a life of excitement and adventure!

Just to press home the point, I must tell you that today is Sunday, and Sunday is laundry day - or so I decided. So did everybody else in the park, except Chantal, who is smarter than the rest of us. She decided to wait until tomorrow. There are thirteen washing machines in the laundry room, of which maybe five work well. Three of them don't work at all. There are seven dryers, three of which will actually dry your clothes. A fourth will reduce your laundry to cinders if you're not careful. That's the dryer of choice. Really. My first washer load to be done was the one with the sheets and towels in it. As there were no dryers available at all, I brought the linens back here and hung them out. But first, Roger and I spent a few minutes reorganizing clotheslines so that we now have three good lines strung between his rv and ours, enough line for my load of linens with line to spare.

Four and a half hours later, there's only the stuff on the line left to finish drying. I got possession of the hotshot dryer and did everything else in that.

Since I came back from the laundry room, I've been fighting with the computer, which keeps swallowing my hard-written post. We're all going over to the estuary for a walk now, so I think I'll post this while I can.


Robert said...

Hello from Idaho! I'm part of the family of Roger and Chantal that you wrote about in your Blog. My Name is Robert Whitney I am Roger's son. My wife Amanda and three boys Nicholas, Neil and Nathan are coping with 18 degree weather, wishing we could be San Carlos. Your Blog is very interesting and gives us a unique perspective on your daily adventures not to mention Roger and Chantal's. I will touch base from time to time. Enjoy the Mexico!



Sandra said...

Hi, Robert - thanks for visiting, and for taking the time to say hello. Roger and Chantal are doing just fine. I'll let them know I've heard from you. Oh, and my sympathy to you on the 18 degree stuff. You're talking Fahrenheit, aren't you? Ick!

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