Wednesday, January 16, 2008

It’s Wednesday, and that means 3 pm cooking class – my first one of the season. I understand that the classes are the same as last year’s, so I don’t anticipate learning a whole lot this afternoon, but I look forward to seeing Maria and meeting the other students. With any luck, maybe this will be salsa day. I love the salsa class.

Roger and Chantal left this morning on an Hermosillo run. That is, they’ve driven to Hermosillo – about two hours, if I remember correctly - to visit Costco and Wal Mart, and maybe Home Depot as well. I gave them my wish list – which includes a mat and frame for the watercolour painting I bought at the art show the other day. Robin wants some cheese, and we need a couple of stick-on hooks. Other than those few items (and actually, there’s lots of cheese here – just not cheese that Robin likes), we are pretty well looked after right here in San Carlos. Earlier today I walked up to Tony’s outdoor market to buy fish (flounder) and scallops for tonight’s dinner. I bought extra so I can feed Roger and Chantal, in case they haven’t eaten dinner by the time they get back. I’ll saute the seafood with garlic, ginger and cilantro, top it with key lime juice, then serve it with salad and noodles. I bought raisins to put in the salad, and I’ll use oranges in place of tomatoes, just because I’ve got lots of oranges. I may use the spinach I bought today, as well.

While I was out, I stopped at the laundry and inquired about having my pants mended. The lady at the laundry has a friend in Guaymas who does mending, so she’ll look after me. I’ll take the pants up to her as soon as they are dry. Better to catch that rip now, while I still have a good pair of pants.

You may blame this “laundry list” posting on my sister Pam. She sent me an e-mail last night. She said I should post to my journal every day, and that I should not worry about having nothing interesting to write about. She said she loves to read about my boring days. I think she loves the idea of having nothing to do but lie around in the sunshine, reading and writing and knitting a bit. Come to think of it, I like that idea too.

So far, I haven’t ridden my bicycle at all. I’m feeling really underconfident about riding, maybe because I’m still snuffly, so I’m walking everywhere. I’m getting my exercise, for sure, but my range is limited. I haven’t gone to the estuary, for instance. Maybe that’s just as well. That can be next week’s –or next month’s! – adventure.

Did I mention 2 for 1 pizza night at Froggy’s? Yes, I did. Well, we went. I don’t think Robin’s heart was in it, but he went along. There were six of us from the park, including one lady I hadn’t met before. We had a good time, and the pizza was excellent. So much for my not eating cheese. I have a new rule: What you eat on Tuesdays doesn’t count. The crust on Froggy’s pizza is very thin, and they bake the pizzas in a brick oven over mesquite. I asked for a non-alcoholic drink, and the waiter mentioned pina colada (imagine the tilde, okay?) – so I ordered that, and it turned out to be the size of a hot tub. I think it added about 2000 calories to my already substantial dinner. After dinner, we all left together, and as we went out the door, two stray dogs came in. The black and white one left again, but the little ginger-coloured one went way to the back of the restaurant. One of the waiters brought her out again. He had put a belt around her neck as a makeshift collar/leash. When he got outside the door, he took the belt off, and like a little streak of lightning, Ginger was off again, in the door and headed for the back of the restaurant, waiter in hot pursuit. I liked that dog.

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