Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Ajo looks so good. It’s 20 degrees Celsius here, and the sun is shining. We arrived just in time to have lunch. Then Robin went to buy Mexican car insurance while I cleaned up and tried to get on line. I succeeded, but spottily. I seem to be good for anything from one minute to ten before the connection fails again, so I’m typing this entry into Word. I can copy it over to blogspot much faster than I can type it there.

Robin came back to the rv and urged me to go over to the pool, so I did – but I went into the hot tub. Now I just want to lie down and go to sleep! He’s still over there, catching up on the year’s news. There are several people here that we met last year and the year before.

First I’ll have to go into yesterday’s entry to put in the last line of the poopy coyote story. I was even more tired than I thought when I typed it. When the coyote gave us the sidelong glance and wandered off, Robin said “Now, that’s contempt!” Heh.

Done. Now maybe I’ll just lie down and rest my eyes. ;>)

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