Monday, January 28, 2008

Sorry to disappear into the void like that. It seems the internet gods were not looking upon me with favour. I just haven't been able to get in here.


You know that saying about the best laid plans....well, it applies to women, too. At five minutes to eight on the appointed day, I went outside to meet Maria. I had been watching for her, but hadn't seen her come into the park. There was a man sitting in front of the office, trying to get his laptop to work, so I asked him whether he had seen Maria. Nope. I waited by the palapa, then wandered out to the street, in case she was hidden behind a cactus or something. Nope. I waited for just under an hour, then figured I must have misunderstood her. Maybe she had wanted me to take the bus into Guaymas and meet her at the big bus station there. I came back home and talked to Chantal, who said that Maria's car was parked behind the office - so I hunted for her again, just in case. No luck. Eventually, I wrote a note expressing my regret at having missed her and suggesting we do it another day.

Later in the day, Chantal and I took the bus to Guaymas and went to the fabric store - my consolation prize. We did find some lovely fabric I plan to buy. It will be perfect for the curtains that the rv sorely needs. I'm measuring and measuring, lest I mess this up. I'm not sure whether I can find drapery lining here, but if so, I'll buy that too. The prices at the fabric store are good.

Yesterday was fun. Roger and Chantal and Robin and I all went up to Santa Rosa, where Roger bought t-bone steaks. We got charcoal, potatoes for frying, salad makings. I bought a cake mix so I could make a pineapple upside down cake. We had a great communal barbecue. Dick and Kate, who are next to Roger and Chantal, came over as well, and brought some shrimp and vegetables. We enjoyed it so much, we plan to do it again next Sunday.

I hear my name being called - it's time to go hike the canyon. I just wanted to let you know I hadn't got lost in Hermosillo.

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