Wednesday, March 01, 2006

We drove from Lake Havasu to something called Tonopah, AZ, where we spent the night in a well-appointed but dreadfully boring RV park. We were only a couple of miles from a huge nuclear reactor, so we left the next morning, lest we begin to glow. I'm glad we left, because yesterday found us here in Ajo, AZ. The CAA camping book listed a couple of RV parks in or near town, but when we got here we found that a whole lot of people like to stay in Ajo, and the number of RV parks is closer to ten than two. We settled on La Siesta, which was listed in the book. Its attached to a motel, costs $20 a night and comes with a lovely, clear, warm swimming pool (warm at the top, that is. The bottom of the pool is cool, so if you slip in gently, you can stand there feeling like an exotic dessert, feet cool, shoulders toasty. Mmmmm.) There's also a hot tub, and there are saguaros all around the park. We like the place so much, we've signed on for tonight as well. There were reports of a rainstorm on the way after 133 dry days, so we thought it just as well to be in town - but I think the weatherpeople were indulging in some wishful thinking. So far, it's still dry here.

Today we left markers in our spot at the RV park and drove the Turtle away. We bought our Mexican auto insurance and found the library (located in the very pretty Old Town) so I could do this travel report, and when I'm finished we'll drive 35 miles south to Organ Pipe National Monument(?) - anyway, it's a cactus park. Then we'll come back here for the night and head into Mexico tomorrow. Robin found a map that seems to imply that the road south from Rocky Point (Puerto Peñasco) has been finished, so he's researching that while I'm on the computer. If that's the case, we'll probably detour 50 miles west to check out Rocky Point. It's very popular. If the road south hasn't been finished, we'll skip that and just go straight south from the border, toward Keno and Guaymas.

We will be taking some pictures and short video clips, because we broke down and bought a camera when we were in Lake Havasu. Last night I hooked the camera up to the television and discovered that it doesn't focus very well (only two focus settings - close-up and other). I'll see if I can tweak that before I take any more videos. I like the idea of videos, because I'm able to provide a little narrative. That should make it easier to remember where and when I took the pictures.

We've been gone from home for over two weeks now. Our ten week holiday, which seemed so long when we were planning it, is racing past. I hope everyone is well and happy.

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