Friday, February 24, 2006

As I was saying before I timed out a couple of days ago and lost my entire post - we are in Lake Havasu, AZ. We arrived on the 18th and found a great spot just a couple of blocks from the Hampton, where Tru and Schred were staying. We are in a state park right on the water, an easy cycle from London Bridge (we can almost see it from our site) and then just across the bridge from the 3.6 mile cycle path around the island. Having discovered the path, we've become quite enamoured of it. When we finish our circuit of the island, we head up the hill to the Safeway for provisions. Only today we discovered that the library is only another block up the street. The last time we found it, we were in the motorhome, having wandered all over Lake Havasu in search of a bicycle shop where I had a flat fixed (We had gone searching for inner tubes, but my bike is metric and the local tubes aren't, which is a great excuse for not changing the tire myself, I think.) We had a fun day out, finding not only the bike shop but a used book store - I found a copy of A Beautiful Mind, which I have added to my bookmobile collection. We also discovered the world's most decrepit laundromat. I swear that 90% of the machines were out of order, and there were no supplies in the supply dispenser. I walked next door to get change at the little mini-mart, and I saw a sign on the door advertising pasties. Woo-hoo! I thought. A little snack wouldn't go amiss - but could they really have real pasties? Would they have any veggie pasties? I smiled at the counterperson and asked "Do you really carry pasties?" "Yep." and she pointed at some little daisies in cellophane wrappers that hung from an overhead wire. Ah. Not pasties. Pasties.

Anyway, all this happened after our first two days here, which were spent in the company of Tru and Schred. We had met Tru before - several years ago at Cliff's place - but not her charming husband, who set himself the task of getting my husband thoroughly drunk. He succeeded, need I say. They found commonalities nobody would have expected. Tru and I, meanwhile, shopped at the flea market, wandered the tourist mecca by London Bridge, and dutifully trekked to the shopping centre for pizza and beer to feed this budding buddyhood. It was about 3/4 of the way through this last effort that we realized we could have been at the movies, watching Brokeback Mountain, and we had missed our chance. Never mind. Next time.

I'm about to time out again. We'll be here until Monday morning. Maybe I'll make it back up the hill before then. I do hope everyone is well.

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