Saturday, March 25, 2006

We´re still in Bahía Kino. We sort of planned to leave this coming Monday, because Robin had it in his head to go take a look at San Carlos - about 120 miles south of here - for a couple of days before we head to Texas. Trouble is, first of all, I have no particular interest in going to San Carlos. I understand it´s bigger and busier than Kino, with lots of shopping, and I figure I can get that anywhere. What I can´t get anywhere is this sleepy little place (billed as "a little drinking village with a fishing problem") where the big decisions have to do with whether we need to cycle to Kino Viejo to buy fish at the dock today, whether the sea is calm enough to allow for a little canoe trip, how long one can justifiably sit out on the patio and stare at the pelicans and frigate birds and ospreys flying overhead.

Second of all, Robin himself is starting to say ¨"I actually don´t feel like driving anywhere right now." Heh.™

So. We may well be here for another week, after which we really do have to leave, as we have a date with Pam and Don in Port Aransas, Texas on the eighth of April, and we want to spend a day or two in Harlingen first.

Meanwhile, I´ve cycled to Kino Viejo three times now, and it´s becoming an easy trip. Robin went with me for the first time today, and I was reminded how I felt the first time I did it. He´s enjoying a well-earned siesta now.

We visited the tiny odds-and-ends store by the park, where we bought a graniteware pot to replace the Dutch oven, which had developed a couple of holes. The pot is nine inches across and has straight sides, so I may even be able to use it as a cake tin. We were there the other day (in a car) and bought a toaster. I think we´re that store´s best customers this week.

We also went down to the dock. They didn´t have any flounder or snapper today, so we bought shark - a first for me. We had been home about half an hour when one of the neighbours appeared with three fish for us - of course. I think we now have enough seafood to last the rest of the trip.

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