Saturday, March 04, 2006

Oh, where to begin? We spent our first Mexican night at Rocky Point (Puerto Peñasco). We had heard so much hype that we were both curious. It involved a detour of 50 miles or so, but we did it anyway. I did get to fly my kite there, but that was about the most exciting thing that happened. The RV park was more like a parking lot than anything else. If it hadn´t been on the beach, it would have had nothing going for it - but there were hundreds of people there, happy as could be. Go figure.

So the next morning (yesterday) we set out for Bahia Kino. We went directly south on a road that the map showed as disappearing for 30 or 40 kilometers at one point, but there were road signs pointing to the town we wanted to connect to, so we were brave. Sure enough, the road goes through now. It´s a very long road. Some eleven hours later, we finally got to Kino Nuevo, where all the RV parks are. The last couple of hours were the hardest. When we got to Hermosillo, the Sonoran state capital, we found a Ley supermarket -finally. We were beginning to thing nobody in Mexico went grocery shopping. Anyway, we shopped, and I found a lovely man who gave me directions to Kino. When we pulled away, Robin drove, which I thought was a big mistake, because I´m much more patient with big city driving than he is.

I was right. We hadn´t gone three blocks before he was beside himself with frustration. Somehow we made it out of town, though, and figured we were an hour away from Kino. What we didn´t take into account, what with not having a clue, was the fact that most of the road between Hermosillo and Kino is under construction. Really, really under construction. Every time we went up or down one of the detour ramps I pictured the wheels on my bicycle being irreparably bent. We were traveling in a huge cloud of dust. The sun was trying to set, but we were heading directly west, so it was trying right squarely in front of us, and even though we know better than to drive at night in Mexico, we had no choice, because we couldn´t get off the road. We didn´t know which was worse - to drive this road in the dark, or to drive into the blinding sun (lovely sunset, btw). In the end, we did both. We followed the sun to its demise, and then made the rest of the trip in the dark.

We stopped at the first RV sign, and spent last night in a lovely place attached to a hotel. This morning we left and drove down the main (and only paved) street of Kino Nuevo to Kino Bay RV Park. Here, we fell in love. We booked for two days. Then we decided to stay for a month. Then we compromised on two weeks with an option.

This is their website . I haven´t gone there yet. The real thing is just fine. . We´re in site 36, one row back from the road. When we sit out on our patio, enjoying the 26 degree afternoon, we have a lovely ocean glimpse. We haven´t gone down to the beach yet, though we did bicycle through town just before lunch. The road runs parallel to the lovely sand beach (The beach appears to be much longer than the town. Explorations to follow.)

The bad news is that all that road construction is in aid of turning Kino Nuevo into the next Cancun. I´m glad we found Kino now, so we can enjoy it in peace and quiet.

Oh. The other bad news is that there´s no ATM in town. One of us has to drive back to the town that´s halfway between here and Hermosillo - or take the bus, a much more likely prospect - sometime between now and when we run out of groceries and money. Too bad.

Oh, but I love this place.

Keep well, everybody.

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