Tuesday, March 07, 2006

It´s Day 4 at Kino Bay RV Park, and the living is easy. We took the canoe out a couple of days ago, paddled up the coast a couple of coves, stopped to do some shelling, and paddled back. Yesterday I did our laundry at the onsite laundromat, and I hung the sheets and towels out on the big communal clotheslines. There are a dozen or so long lines on which - if I read the sheets correctly - about three of us were drying our washing yesterday. Mine was the bright floral and plain white lot, which contrasted nicely with the dark, earthy-looking stuff next to it. The contrast served to prevent mixups. The trick is not to do your laundry on the same day as the other ´bright floral and white´people.

Anyway, it´s a good thing I did it yesterday, because after a muggy night, a front has moved in. It´s cloudy and windy, and this morning it felt cool outside, even though the thermometer registered 22C (72F?). We were planning to take the canoe out again this morning, but that will have to wait. Rain threatens, and although it´s generally an idle threat here, a storm on the water is not to be trifled with. Mañana.

Also mañana, though if we canoedle tomorrow it will probably be the day after mañana,we really must go to Hermosillo or at least Calle Doce to get some more money and do our shopping. We´ve established that the bus runs once an hour into Hermosillo. We´ve timed it. It´s much more prompt than Nanaimo´s buses - and it will stop at Calle Doce. I looke Calle Doce up on my map, and couldn´t find it. My neighbour Saundra informed me that I would never find it, because its real name is Miguel Aleman. Everybody just calls it Calle Doce (12th Street), because that´s what it is. Hmmm.

Today I stuck pretty close to home, because I heard that both Martin the vegetable man and the nameless drinking water man were due to roar through the park around noon. When Martin arrived, all we ladies descended upon him like a flock of veggie vultures. As usual, I bought far more vegetables than I have room to store. I´m going to have to go get some ice and put the vegetables in the cooler, lest the fridge explode.

Speaking of food, I informed Robin yesterday that while we´re here, I´m going to have to be a fishetarian (piscetarian?) lest I die of culinary boredom. I couldn´t even find a whole bean in the local grocery store - only canned refried beans. Now, I do like refried beans, but not every day with never even a bit of tofu for protein variety. Well. Timing is everything. Five minutes after I made my statement of intent, Felix the prawn man showed up at the door, selling prawns for $18/kilo or $30/2 kilos. I bought one kilo. Half an hour later, Saundra strolled over with half a dozen rock bass filets. Her husband, Vern, had gone fishing. I cooked 16 of the prawns (about 1/4 of the total) and set them aside. Last night we feasted on rock bass sauteed in olive oil with a little garlic. I tossed in some pico de gallo I had made the day before, then added the prawns just before the mixture was cooked. Oh, yum.

The filets were a thank-you from Saundra for the pineapple upside-down cake I had made the day before, which was a thank-you for the fresh tomatoes and oranges from her garden. I guess it´s my turn. Strawberry shortcake tomorrow, thanks to Martin´s visit.

So far, I am making no progress on my knitting. I am getting some reading done, and I get out on my bicycle every day, but mostly I am perfecting the art of sitting quietly, staring into the middle distance. I think that´s about to change, though. I was strolling through the RV park a while ago, and I discovered the bocce court.

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