Sunday, July 04, 2010

On a Lighter Note: Sunday Dinner

We seem to have developed a family tradition. It started in England, where we got into the habit of going to the pub for dinner on Sunday. Now that we're back at home, it seems only natural to keep doing that -- so off we go this evening to the Fox & Hounds.  I've talked about this pub before. It's what keeps Robin's homesickness for England at a bearable level for most of the year. Jane and Trevor have brought the British pub ambiance along with them to Nanaimo. Even listening to the accents of many of our fellow patrons brings back memories of our English Sunday evenings.

Because the Fox & Hounds has a restaurant licence, families -- children and all -- can come in for dinner if they like. Of course, the children are expected to be well-behaved.

Now, if only folks could bring their dogs along, the illusion of being in an English country pub would be perfect --
but our local regulations don't allow for that.

On Sunday, Trevor prepares roast beef, roast chicken, and roast lamb, each served with Yorkshire pudding, potatoes, and veg - and all quite reasonably priced. Those of us who prefer not to eat meat can still find plenty to please our palates -- and if we're very, very good, we will manage to resist the sticky toffee pudding.  I am making no promises.


I did resist! I did resist! Dinner was delicious, but even better was the eavesdropping in which I shamelessly indulged. The people at the next table were chatting about a sing-along Messiah scheduled for Victoria at the Christmas season. That caught my musicotropic ear -- but then one of them mentioned a sing-along Grease and The Sound of Music (not my cup of tea, either of them) and --oh, my -- South Pacific -- and suddenly I had visions of a theatre full of joyful noise -- "Honey Bun" for 500 voices, rows and rows of bodies swaying to "Some Enchanted Evening". Doesn't that sound wonderful? Wouldn't you just love to be in that audience?


John Hayes said...

Sing-along South Pacific--the mind reels!

Poetikat said...

Sounds like a blast! Count me in for "Bali Hai" and "There is Nothing Like a Dame" (that's SP isn't it?)

I wish we had a decent "local" around here. There are a couple, but they don't come close to the quaint, British pubs with their snugs, pint-pullers and pups.


Poetikat said...

OOps! I was thinking of "Blood Mary". Don't know where that "Dame" one crept in from. I love, "Happy Talk" too. My dad used to do an impression of Rosanno Brazzi singing, "Some Enchanted Evening". Good times!

Sandra Leigh said...

Good morning, John & Kat. Kat, both Bloody Mary and TINLAD are SP -- all the best stuff comes from South Pacific!

T. Clear said...

My husband and I had the pleasure of seeing South Pacific on Broadway two years ago....divine!

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