Sunday, July 11, 2010

Jet-lag Sunday

Jet lag is becoming a weekend tradition for me. I change shifts between Friday evening and Saturday morning, and it isn't until Monday that I really start to wake up. Thus, I still haven't got back to see all the Theme Thursday blogs yet -- but I trust that I will do so tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I've had a lovely, dreamy sort of weekend. The grandbabies came for a visit yesterday afternoon. We went out to a nearby water park, where  Robin discovered that one of the benches along the edge of the spray area had a kick to it. He nearly discovered it the hard way, when he went to sit on it. Fortunately (or unfortunately, because it would have been very funny to watch) the bench started spraying as he approached it, and he managed to avoid a drenching.

Jujube, the taller-and-willowier-every-time-we-see-her granddaughter, didn't mind getting wet, though. She ran around and around the park, engaged in a (water cannon) shooting war with a couple of boys, checked out the shower bench, and finally had to don her father's dry t-shirt in order to get warmed up. After that, she looked like a large bat. Meanwhile, her brother (Jumping Jack) had to be torn away from the playground equipment, but once he discovered how cool the water was, he had a wonderful time.

After the park, there was dinner at the Fox & Hounds, and then there was me falling into a deep slumber that lasted until the alarm rang at 4:45 this morning. Have I ever told you how rude I think alarm clocks are?


John Hayes said...

Shift work is hard enough, but swinging from one shift to another is brutal. Hang in there! Looks like you had a nice outing nonetheless.

Mary said...

RUDE! That's a really polite word for an alarm clock. Not one I use on any given morning though.
Grand-babies are the very best. Mine are growing up too quickly. Now there is a great-grandson and I'm in heaven.
Sounds as if you were there too.

Giggles and Guns

Sandra Leigh said...

Thanks,John and Mary. Rude and brutal. So right. I just keep saying to myself "You have a job. You have a job. Kwitcherbellyachin'!" Sometimes it helps.

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