Tuesday, July 06, 2010

I've Been Running for the Bus --

-- the Poetry Bus, of course. Unfortunately, I've missed it. I had to abandon the laptop for a couple of days while I subjected my neck and right shoulder to  chiropractic treatments and a whole bunch of acetaminophen.  I thought I was pretty well back to normal after my accident, but now I suspect that was because I hadn't really tried to do much of anything.  A week or two ago, I tried to do a little gardening, and that set my back off. Now, this week, I tried to water my hanging baskets, and that was a really, really bad idea. So I spent a couple of days whining and moaning, and meanwhile the bus went tootling off across the countryside, probably driving on the wrong -- I mean the left -- side of the road, because The Weaver of Grass was the driver this week. I hope she brought her Border Terrier along. I love Border Terriers. They're such rugged little fellows.And I do hope everyone had a great time. I'll try to get to the bus stop on time next week.

Meanwhile, I'll have a look to see what everybody else did with Weaver's challenge, which did look awfully interesting.

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Poetikat said...

I thought perhaps that message on the back of the helmet in the photo at the top of your blog was your Poetry Bus entry. Hmm.

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