Thursday, May 27, 2010

On Holiday in Limbo

Fortunately, I do enjoy being in England. Unfortunately, I have no income while I'm here - so I really do need to go home. Again unfortunately, it seems I'm not to be allowed to do that. When I made my daily check of the British Airways flight schedule this morning, I saw that our flight had been cancelled. The website advised that I might be able to change my flight by using the "Manage My Booking" page, so I went there, entered my secret password, and got an Error message. Sorry. All the flights have flown. What? So I called BA, got a recorded message advising that they were terribly sorry, but there was nothing they could do for me, no more information they could give me, and if I had booked my flight through a travel agent, I should call the agent. That's fine, except that it's now just before 1:00 a.m. in British Columbia, and my travel agent, I must assume, is asleep. I did call to leave a message on her answering machine, but it seems she doesn't have one. So now we wait until suppertime to call B.C. to try to get on one of the 50% of next week's planes that still appear to be flying to Vancouver. Or. Maybe we can get a refund on our tickets and fly with Air Canada instead.

Ah, well. If we're stuck here, we might as well have some mood music.


Maribeth said...

The Writer's Planets must be aligned incorrectly. All week long blogs have been mentioning "inconveniences" in their daily doings.
Keep smiling and try to relax. Good luck!
Giggles and Guns

Barry said...

Well, if you have to get stuck there are worse places.

Still, what a hassle for you!

Sandra Leigh said...

Relaxing now, Maribeth - see the next post.

Barry, you're quite right. This gives me a chance to try for Evensong at Exeter on Sunday afternoon, right?

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