Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mea Culpa

I seem to have passed my cold on to Robin -- not that I've got rid of it. I'm sharing. Anyway, he woke up all sniffly and snarly this morning, and declared he didn't have the energy to go to the horse races after all. (Hmmm. I didn't mention that plan, did I?) We settled in for a day of lounging about, blowing our noses, and drinking tea. Right.

Robin doesn't do "sick" very well. He gets bored.  That's what happened today - so when he couldn't stand it any longer, he suggested we just go for a little ride to the seashore.  We ended up going past Exeter and through Exmouth to Budleigh-Salterton. We stopped for coffee at a little place called "A Slice of Lyme". I had yet another buttered scone. I will regret this, I know.

Suitably provisioned, we went on to the beach, which is covered with pebbles like the ones in this wall. The photo is a little blurry. That's because the car started to move just as I clicked the photo. It does demonstrate, though, how close we were to the wall. I have a new rule:

  Never hang your arm out the window in England.

That rule applies not only to car windows, but even to living room windows. I've seen houses set so close to the road, leaning out to shake the dust from your cleaning cloth could lose you an arm.


We drove to the beach, parked the car, and took a little walk along a path through the pebbles. I did a little Tai Chi along the path and snapped a few photos. Then we turned around and came home. It wasn't our most exciting day in England, but it was probably good for us.

I did manage to get a photo that I've really wanted.  I photographed a sign along the A38. Every time I see it, I shake my head.

Maybe it's one of those cross-cultural situations -- You know -- the ones where the locals use a term, the visitors start to laugh, and the locals just look puzzled. Or -- more likely -- it's a case of a butcher with a sense of humour.

So here it is. I've edited it to enlarge the sign. I'm now typing with my fingers crossed.

Oh, good. It's legible. I named this photo "Tsk, tsk. Those English."


Maribeth said...

Too funny!
Feel better soon.
Giggles and Guns

AngelMay said...

Har! Funny sign.
Cripes, I lost a follower. Do you suppose it was something I said? :)

When will you be home again, Sandra?

The Bug said...

Great sign! I hope it IS a sense of humor instead of something we should be polite & not laugh at...

AngelMay - I lost a follower too! I think it was after my rant about Big Brother the other day...

Sandra Leigh said...

Thanks, Mary.

Angel May, I'll be home May 31, except BA is planning to be on strike that day, so I don't know for sure.

Bug, your guess is as good as mine.

John Hayes said...

There's no way the locals don't get that sign! I recall a friend of mine telling me about a get well card she really liked--it said something like: "Sorry you're sick, but it could be worse--your husband could be sick." As a man, I suppose I get to say that with impunity?

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