Saturday, May 01, 2010

I've Done Plenty o' Nuttin' -

I haven't left the house today. That's rare. Usually, even when I have the day off, I need to go out somewhere  -- to buy something, to get some exercise, whatever -- but not today. I have played around with some words. I have packed part of my suitcase, which is filling up way too fast for my comfort. I have made meals of whatever I could find in the house -- it's time to start emptying the refrigerator anyway.  The farthest afield I went was out to the motor home (which is parked in the side yard) to get my travel iron and hair dryer.

Now it's nearly time to start winding down for bed, as I have to get up at 4:30 in the morning. It's a good thing I'm off to England this week. Robin will goad me into taking walks in the countryside, road trips to places like Land's End and Penzance. Maybe I'll finally find the Dorset village where Thomas Hardy's memorial plaque is. I'm sure I'll do something more ambitious than hanging around the house!

So...even though I really have nothing to blog about, I thought I had better come in and say hello, lest you think I'd fallen down the well again.


AngelMay said...

Cute post, Sandra. When are you leaving? We leave tomorrow morning... long trip in the RV. Wish you were caravaning with us - but maybe some other time. Have a great trip to England. Wish me luck with all I have to do on my trip! Hope to see you sometime later this summer. Smooches back to you (liked you little animation!).

John Hayes said...

Some days are like that! Hope you do find that Hardy plaque.

Maribeth said...

Good luck with the plaque.
Put a lid on the well and have a great time!

Poetikat said...

Have you been to Cornwall before? Don't miss the rock-hewn outdoor theatre, The Minack (just up from Land's End, if I recall correctly).

Haven't visited you in a while (forgive me). I do hope you have a wonderful trip (wish I was going with you).

P.S. You travel with an iron? I don't even have an in-house one!

Sandra Leigh said...

AM - Have a great trip - and THIS is the time when you should install Skype! Smooches back.

John, it's definitely on my list.

Maribeth, why didn't I think of that? A lid! I'll get right on that.

Kat, Yes, I've been to Cornwall, but somehow haven't gotten to Land's End yet. I'll make a note of the amphitheatre. Thank you.

As for your not visiting, I haven't visited me (or anybody else) for a while, so you'll get no criticism from me! Re the iron - I can never remember where I've left the one I have at home, but I'm trying to get better at packing my travel iron, because things do tend to get wrinkled when you carry them around in a suitcase.

Sandra Leigh said...

Oh, and Angel May - I forgot to answer your question. I leave Nanaimo on Wednesday, overnight in Vancouver, then fly to London on Thursday evening, arriving there Friday afternoon.

Totalfeckineejit said...

Unless that well is full of wonder and peace and alcohol and creativity, stay well(Ha!) way from it.

I'm in England next week.

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