Sunday, May 09, 2010

From the Frozen Wasteland that is Dartmoor -

comes this post that isn't at all what it was intended to be. Robin and I went out this morning to climb Sharp Tor on Dartmoor. We did that, and we got some exercise, but I nearly froze to death in the process, even though I was wearing my winter (camel) coat. Afterward, we decided to head for Haytor, a couple of miles away. Along the way, we stopped in at Widecombe in the Moor, where we had tea at the Cafe on the Green, wandered around the churchyard, tried unsuccessfully to get into the church, and most important of all ---- went into something called The Shop on the Green, where I bought the following: a toque, a pair of mittens that open up to become fingerless gloves, and a warm scarf. None of those items are particularly attractive (though the mittens are very cleverly designed), but I didn't and don't care. From that point on, I began to enjoy the day. I took oodles and oodles of photographs today -- even on the walk up to the tor, before I got my winter woolies. I photographed horses with their foals, a very friendly steer, a couple of horses with people on top of them, the tor, the view from the tor - and then, in Widecombe, I snapped photos of the church, the shop, primroses growing beside a headstone.  Anyway, you get the idea.

What you don't get are the photographs. Something has gone amiss. I tried to upload the photos to my computer. I got the first photo (Robin leaning on the sofa), and that was it. The rest of the photos disappeared into a black hole or something. My camera just shrugs and says "Memory card error" when I try to get to the rest of the pictures. It won't let me take any more photos, either. Methinks we're off to Exeter tomorrow to buy a new memory card.

Ah, well. Best laid plans, and all that. The post just below this is the Poetry Bus post, which went more or less as I expected.


Barry said...

Cameras can be so frustrating/f its not the memory card its the battery.

Still, it sounds like you're having a memorable and adventurous time.

John Hayes said...

Oh, the memory card error sounds exasperating. Good move to get the warm clothes, & the mitten/gloves sound quite ingenious!

Sandra Leigh said...

Yes, Barry - being in England is always an adventure, even when I'm in a part of the country I've seen before. It seems that there's no end to the places to see.

John, the trick worked. The weather improved greatly today. Not a bad investment, that 11 pounds.

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