Sunday, November 29, 2009

He-e-e-e-e-re they go! Off and pacing........

We went to Vancouver - to Fraser Downs Racetrack - to watch the pacers today. The ferry ride was smooth, though when I looked outside, the water was grey and so was the sky.

I kept thinking that the sun was bound to come up.

Then I realized it was about 9:30 in the morning, and the sun wasn't going to get much more up.

Robin and I decided to call the scenery "atmospheric," because that sounds much better than "grey."

We had brunch with the grandbabies and their parents. Then we headed for Fraser Downs to watch the harness racing. Between the brunch and snacking at the races, I think I ate every possible Bad for Me food. I ate anything that stood still long enough. I ate Eggs Benedict, for god's sake. I haven't done that in years. Then I had part of an order of nachos at the races. I am so going to have to be really, really good for the next week or so.

Anyway, I did enjoy the day. Robin won enough money at the races to almost compensate for the amount I lost, so I didn't come away feeling guilty. And when Robin and I were on our way to the ferry terminal afterward, my daughter-in-law found my cell phone, which had apparently fallen out of my purse at the racetrack. She and her husband called us on Robin's cell, told us they had my phone, and met us in a parking lot along the road to give it back. I hadn't even realized the phone was missing. Phew. Disaster averted -- and we still got to the ferry on time.

Now, I'm back at home, laptop in lap, listening to my characters call my name. (The one I killed is still dead, so far.)


Karen said...

It sounds like a lovely day, and I'm struck as I read your posts by how much you actually DO! It seems as if I go to work and come home. Maybe it's that you must ride the ferries that makes your outings seem so momentous to me, but I admire your active life.

Barry said...

Sounds like a fun day. The last time I was at the races was with a group of people. We all pooled our money and took turns making the bets. We all lost. Even when jockey Sandy Holly came by the table and told us his favourite.

We too broke even, however, when one of the women decided to choose only on the basis of the colours she liked. The horse took first at odds of 20 to one.

John Hayes said...

That shot of the island & the fog IS atmospheric!

AngelMay said...

Sounds like you had a good time, Sandra. As for your dead character...if you figure out how to revive her/him, let me know. I need to revive my entire in-the-works short story. Gad!, but I'm being lazy right now.

Sandra Leigh said...

Karen, there are weeks when I do a lot, and others when it's all I can do to go to work and come home. I'm in an active phase right now, which will last until the end of this week, but then I'll probably have a quiet week. Of course, Christmas is coming, so I could be wrong there!

Barry, I have been known to bet on a horse because it had a great name. I don't recall a happy ending to that strategy, though. ;>)

John, I know. The thing is, that particular scene is spectacular, no matter what the weather. It was the open sea part of the journey that was just grey. I decided to spare you that.

Angel May, you and I should have a write-in when I come to visit.

Kathryn Magendie said...

what a fun day! :-) I never have been to any races ever before!

Sandra Leigh said...

Kat, my daughter-in-law had never seen harness racing before. She said (1) Oh, it's like chuckwagon races! and then (2) It's not like real horse racing where they sit on the horse. Sheesh. In the end, she did have fun, except when she lost, and then she would say "I don't like this game. This isn't fun." Heh. I knew just how she felt. It was a good day.

Reya Mellicker said...

I like that - atmospheric is definitely much nicer than gray or gloomy which is how I describe the rainy days here in DC.

Everyone should enjoy eggs benedict every now and then. No need to be so harsh on yourself, Sandra!!

Poetikat said...

Is it a mystery then? I love a good killing, me.

We like to go to the races in Elora every so often. I love to get up close to fence to really see the horses.

Sandra Leigh said...

Reya, I'm still at the post-weight loss stage of going into a panic when I eat something of which I've been depriving myself. And you are right. I should take it easy on me.

Kat, no, it's not a mystery. It's more of a family saga, but I like mysteries, too.

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