Saturday, November 21, 2009

Day 21. So, was there a problem?

No problem. I just finished my 2,000 words -- 2,126, actually, bringing the count up to 43,201. Again, I had a scene that absolutely begged to be written, and that helped a lot. Also, my eyes are fully open tonight. That helped even more. I'm an okay touch typist, so I can type with my eyes closed, but writing in my sleep is outside my skill set.

Today's scene took place in 1945 in New York City, which is a pretty iconic setting.  That was a big help. So was the fact that the scene was a crucial plot point, and that it involved a tearful reunion.

That honeymoon that I thought was over? It's back on. Sigh.


Barry said...

You're getting there. Isn't that the finish line I see inn the distance.

And aren't those all Agents lined up behind the line and isn't that the guy from Random House over there?

John Hayes said...

Now I would love to write in my sleep!

Sandra Leigh said...

LOL, Barry! As long as nobody asks to see the first draft, that's fine by me.

Yes, the finish line is looming - 6,799 words to go - that's, let's see - I could do that in three days, at 2,267 words a day, and I will, if nothing gets in the way of my plans.

Hi, John. That would be taking automatic writing to its ultimate stage, wouldn't it? I'm trying now to remember who uses Twitter to record his dreams. Timothy Green? I wonder if he posts them in his sleep.

Kathryn Magendie said...

Oh! you go! you are doing fantastic...yayyyyy! *Hi Five*

and loved the video :)

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